How Clean is Your Mattress? Here’s the Dirty Truth About Your Bed

You’ve had a really long day, the longest day ever actually, and you’re so ready to hit the sack and get some good sleep for the night. You earned it.

So, the last thing you probably think about is how dirty your mattress is, or when the last time you washed your bed was.

But here’s the thing: our mattresses are one of the dirtiest items in our homes, according to a recent sleep industry study. Volunteers swabbed their sheets over a period of four weeks without washing them, to help determine the amount of bacteria that accumulates through different stages since the last wash.

After just one week, their beds contained between three and five million colony-forming units (CFUs), per square inch!

Clearly, our beds are on the receiving end of dead skin cells, sweat, stains, dust mites, and all the lovely things we don’t want to think about. Despite linens and mattress pads, we still need to clean the thing we sleep on — but it’s a bit of a production and a major chore (and who has time for that?).

So, how can we rest well knowing that our beds are literally a hotbed full of bacteria? Lucky for you, we kind of became obsessed with just that: cleaning up our mattress. Where we ended up was kind of cool, but instead of starting there, let’s start at the beginning…

If You Can’t Find Something in the Market, Design It Yourself

Life changes can bring on a bundle of feelings: excitement, happiness, anxiety and even fear. When our good friend was moving into a new home, he knew it was time to upgrade his mattress. A new home means new stuff. And naturally, he enlisted the help of friends to find the perfect one.

We started where most folks would go to find a new mattress: brick and mortar stores. It was there that we really learned what ‘sticker shock’ meant — every single mattress was ridiculously priced, especially for the quality of mattress.

What happened next is what anyone else would do: we looked online. We found the online world of foam mattresses and thought for sure we hit the jackpot. But a closer look showed us that the online mattress industry lacked innovation (which was surprising considering the platform).

We put the mattresses to the test and found that the online retailers were singing from the same song sheet as the brick and mortar stores — the beds just weren’t the best quality, and the designs had not evolved at all.

Inspired by the experience of our fruitless search for such comfort, quality and accessibility, we became obsessed about how a premium mattress should be designed, and in the end decided to do it ourselves.

Clean, Comfortable, Premium Sleep

We believe that maintaining your mattress shouldn’t be an afterthought. It is after all, one of the biggest furniture investments you’ll make and one that you will use every single night.

We noticed a few things when it came to foam mattresses: some molded to your body just a little too much, some retained heat which made sleeping super uncomfortable while others just lacked durability — which was disappointing considering the hefty price tag that came with it.

That’s why we created Silk + Snow, to design and develop a high-quality foam mattress at an accessible price. We’re passionate people who believe mattress shopping should be simple, convenient and accessible for everyone. We exist because we want to help you find your sleep spot.

Your Cleanest Sleep Ever

It’s a tough pill to swallow: your mattress is probably dirtier than you ever imagined. We wanted to build a mattress that was super comfortable, but one that could also stand the test of time. One key element of keeping items in good condition is keeping your items clean.

So, again, we kind of obsessed about how to make this easier for people. After all, we wanted to build something that improved people’s lives in a very tangible way.

And what better way to make life easier than by removing one of the most tedious chores from our lists?

We tapped into the science of silver to help with this — it’s naturally bacteria-resistant, non-toxic and permanent. It won’t wash off, and it’s woven into the fibers, so the end result is luxury and comfort.

And because we really didn’t want to make cleaning your mattress a chore, we designed the top cover to easily zip off when you want it to. So all you have to do is toss it in with the rest of your wash.

Life at Silk + Snow

Putting this all together has truly been a family affair — three childhood friends who were inspired to make some change to the mattress industry, along with their family members, who were eager to help conduct the much-needed R&D on various designs and prototypes (human tested and human approved).

In order to make this all happen and bring this product to market, we’re preparing to launch a Kickstarter campaign in the coming weeks.

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Albert, TuTran and Leo