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Team Silk & Snow

You can’t claim a quality mattress without passing one of the most important safety requirements of all: the fire test.

We just received word the Silk + Snow mattress has passed the FR1633 test — which means two things: we’re steaming ahead towards full production and launch, and our obsession with quality means we’re meeting compliance standards with pride and integrity.

The quality geeks in us rejoice every time we achieve important milestones like this. Every quality standard we knock off the list is another testament to our mission and our beliefs: that creating a truly premium foam mattress is possible.

QA, compliance and standards aren’t always the glam part of the gig, but without them, we’d have more questionable products on the market than we care to think about. We take this seriously because we know it’s just another way we’re helping you to find the sleep spot.

Here’s to the all the gold stars, seals, certifications and standards we’ll continue to achieve!

Team Silk + Snow