The Luxury of Foam, For Everyone

At Silk + Snow, we’re serious about foam mattresses. We’re passionate people who believe mattress shopping should be simple, convenient and accessible for everyone.

Obsession with Quality

We obsessively reengineered the memory foam mattress to come up with the next generation of comfort, because let’s face it, you need a quality mattress to get quality rest. We spent a ridiculous amount of time researching, learning, sourcing and building relationships with North American manufacturers - our mattress was designed, developed and will be manufactured domestically. Our goal has always been to develop a high-quality mattress built with premium materials for a better night’s rest. And that’s why we chose to work with partners who are just as obsessed about mattress design and evolution as we are.

Customer Experience Evolved

As a customer, there’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re the one doing all the work. Just like our foam mattresses, Silk + Snow’s customer experience has evolved to be the best one yet — a premium product, for an accessible price, with free shipping and a completely risk-free 100 night trial. Having second thoughts shouldn’t mean stress for you either: our return process is just as painless as the purchase.

Simple, Honest Pricing

Quality doesn’t always mean costly. Premium materials and quality craftsmanship can, and should be, sold at a simple, honest price. Our business model eliminates the bricks-and-mortar markups by cutting out the awkward showroom experience. Since there’s no pushy sales rep involved, we’re able to give that value back to you in the form of a premium product, at an accessible price.

Expertly Crafted in  NORTH AMERICA

We support North American manufacturing — all of Silk + Snow’s materials are either manufactured in or sourced from the U.S.A. or Canada.
We searched high and low for the world’s most innovative textile. Our fabric comes from a 30 year old, family-owned textile manufacturer in Montreal, Canada.
We truly believe that the perfect mattress doesn’t just come from one foam supplier — each layer of foam in our mattress brings its own purpose and meaning to the design. We meticulously chose to source each layer from different North American manufacturers to create the best kind of comfort.
Every Silk + Snow mattress is crafted and assembled by someone who’s just as obsessed about mattress design as we are: a 45 year old manufacturer in Massachusetts, family-led and operated for three generations.