Bloom Mist Mattress Review

See how the Bloom Mist Mattress Stacks up Against Silk & Snow


We’ve provided an in-depth review of the Bloom Mist, and taken the opportunity to compare it against Silk & Snow, one of the leading Canadian Mattress Brands. If you’d like to jump right to the review, click the link here.

What Makes Silk & Snow Different
Made in Canada
At Silk & Snow, we take pride in our Canadian roots. That's why all of our mattresses are made by expert craftspeople in our hometown of Toronto, Ontario.
Total Transparency
We stand by our products and what goes in to them. That’s why we offer total transparency and disclose everything about our materials and manufacturers. Bloom does not do this.
A True 100 Night Trial
Our 100 night trial ensures you can feel good about what the mattress you sleep on. If our mattress doesn't work for you, you can return it within 100 days for a full refund, guaranteed!
S&S Mattress vs. Bloom Mist
S&S Mattress
S&S Mattress
Price (Queen Size) $800 $570
Made in Canada

In addition to China and Spain
Density of Top Layer Foam 4 lbs Not specified
CertiPUR-US Certified
Warranty 15 Years 10 Years
100 Night Trial
Full Refund

Exchange Only
Silk & Snow vs Bloom Mist Firmness
Both our S&S and Hybrid Mattresses are slightly more firm than the Bloom Mist Mattress. If you’d like to compare this in more detail, you can jump ahead to the "Bloom Cloud Construction and Materials" and learn more.
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Bloom Mist Review

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Bloom Mattress Overivew

Bloom Mattress is a sub brand of Sleep Country, a prominent Canadian brick and mortar mattress retailer founded in 1994 in Vancouver, British Columbia. Founded by Christine Magee, Stephen Gunn, and Gordon Lownds, Sleep Country has gradually grown to be the largest Canadian mattress retailer in the country.

Sleep Country launched Bloom Mattress in 2017, in response to the growing consumer demand for convenient bed-in-a-box mattresses in Canada.

Bloom Mist Construction and Materials

Unlike our mattresses at Silk & Snow, some of Sleep Country’s Bloom Mattresses are made in China and Spain.

The Bloom Cloud’s cover is purported to be made from “100% Organic Cotton”, however, this claim is impossible to validate, as the cover does not have a fabric content breakdown label. Organic cotton is typically certified by GOTS, who certifies our Organic Mattress cover as 100% organic cotton.

The Bloom Mist is constructed from three layers of polyurethane foam. The first layer (known as the comfort layer) is made from 1-inch of gel memory foam, to help keep you cool at night. Memory foam has a reputation for running hot, and features such as cooling gel can help to alleviate this negative attribute.

Next is the transition layer, which is made from another 1 inch layer of gel memory foam. This layer acts as a transition between the plush memory foam and the more supportive polyurethane foam. Lastly is the support layer, which is made from 7 inches of high-density polyurethane foam. This layer acts as the foundation of the mattress, providing support and durability overall. Unfortunately, Bloom does not disclose the densities of any of their foam layers.

Bloom Mist Mattress Firmness and Feel

As far as firmness and feel goes, the Bloom Mist was rated at 5.6/10 for overall firmness, on a scale from very soft to very firm. As far as firmness and feel goes, the Bloom Mist was rated at 5.6/10 for overall firmness, on a scale from very soft to very firm.

Due to its 3-layer construction of both plush memory foam and supportive polyurethane foam, The Bloom Mist Mattress has an overall medium soft feel. This is a noticeably softer mattress, and you’ll feel the contouring effect of the memory foam instantly. The support layer provide some firmness, but this mattress is definitely recommended for those who seek a softer feel. This medium soft feel is suitable for back sleepers and lighter sleepers, as the contouring effect might prove to be too cumbersome for combo sleepers, and heavier sleepers.

Where Can I Buy the Bloom Mist Mattress?

The Bloom Mist Mattress is available in all brick and mortar Sleep Country retail locations, as well as on Sleep Country's website.

Does the Bloom Mist Mattress Smell?

If the odour of the Bloom mattress bothers you, we recommend that customers wait 24 hours before sleeping on the mattress to allow the odour to subside.

The History of Bloom Mist

As previously mentioned, Bloom Mattress was founded by Sleep Country, Canada's largest brick and mortar mattress retailer, in 2017.

Sleep Country founded Bloom in response to the changing shopping trends within the mattress industry, as more and more Canadian customers were avoiding the traditional mattress retail experience for convenient online mattress shopping.

Bloom Mist Discount, Promo, Coupon Codes

Bloom offers occasional sales, specials, and promotions throughout the year. Keep your eye out for discounts!

Bloom Mist Price

Size Price
Twin $470 CAD
Twin XL $500 CAD
Full $550 CAD
Queen $570 CAD
King $820 CAD
Cal King Not offered
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