Do I Need a Soft or a Firm Mattress? / May 8, 2019

We all prefer different sleep positions, pillow configurations, amounts of blankets and room temperatures. No matter what our individual preferences are, we all require the same thing: the conditions that will provide us with the best quality sleep possible. Out of all the mattress factors that affect sleep quality, one of the most subjective and   READ MORE

How Silver Shields Your Sleep From Germs / April 10, 2019

For all the countless beneficial strains of bacteria out there, there’s also the unwanted types that make us sick, create odours and demand that we stay diligently hygienic. Beds and mattresses are havens for this type of bacterial growth, which is no surprise considering we sleep on them every night. Beds are constantly exposed to   READ MORE

Does Gel Memory Foam Really Sleep Cooler? / April 3, 2019

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Why Mattress Foam Density Makes a Difference / February 25, 2019

At Silk + Snow, we’re serious about sleep. We’ve obsessively engineered our mattresses to come up with the next generation of comfort, because let’s face it, you need a quality mattress to get quality rest. Welcome to our blog, where we share information on mattress anatomy, answer commonly asked questions and break down the features   READ MORE

When Should I Replace My Mattress? / February 8, 2019

A good mattress should be a durable, long-term investment that you shouldn’t have to think about replacing for many years. The typically high upfront cost should be offset by a product that provides years of consistency and comfort. That said, there will eventually be a time when your mattress needs to be replaced. Because we   READ MORE

Silk + Snow vs Purple / January 14, 2019