The Best Mattress for Light Sleepers / July 22, 2021

Finding the perfect mattress to suit your unique preferences can be a long and arduous journey. Toss in budget considerations and physical support requirements, and you have a recipe for a potentially difficult decision.  When searching for mattress blogs and articles about finding the perfect mattresses for certain body types, you may find that most   READ MORE

The Facts on Linen / June 10, 2021

Established as the favourite fabric of Pharaohs and Caesars, there’s a reason linen is one of the oldest textiles known to humankind. With its anti-bacterial properties and lightweight feel, linen has been the ideal fabric for hot, humid climates for centuries. Recently however, more and more people have come to realize that linen’s hollow fibers   READ MORE

The Story Behind Our Down / June 10, 2021

Used by Indigenous cultures worldwide for thousands for years, down has always been coveted for its spectacular insulation properties and natural moisture wicking abilities. With it’s light weight and lofty feel, down insulated bedding inserts ensure you’ll remain at the perfect level of comfort and warmth every single night. If that wasn’t enough, down is   READ MORE

The Best Natural Mattress Material / May 6, 2021

At Silk & Snow, we’re always looking for inventive ways to utilize sustainable materials in all our products. We firmly believe the best sleep starts at the source, and that’s why we’ve decided to offer an Organic Mattress using 100% all-natural latex for an environmentally conscious bed that doesn’t skimp on the comfort or support   READ MORE

What Makes Egyptian Cotton So Special? / May 6, 2021

When our founders began Silk & Snow back in 2017, they knew that a superior sleep started with mattresses and bedding made from quality, durable materials. That’s why we choose to offer our sheets in 100% Egyptian Cotton. But what exactly makes Egyptian Cotton the finest cotton in the world? Let’s look at why this   READ MORE

Why We Believe in Transparency / April 29, 2021

About five years ago, as I worked with my friend and business partner Kenneth Mo to create Silk & Snow, a world-class bedding company based in Toronto, we were keenly aware of the fact that bed-in-a-box retailers were popping up all over the place. They offered an idea that appealed to just about everyone —   READ MORE