Best Mattress Canada (2021) / January 29, 2021

You might get lost trying to find the best mattress in Canada because there are so many options, but we might have an answer for you. Recently, Silk & Snow’s Hybrid mattress was voted Sleep Foundation, Tuck, and’s Best Overall Mattress in each of their Best Mattress in Canada 2021 rankings. Sleep Foundation and Tuck   READ MORE

Best Weighted Blankets in Canada (2021 Review) / January 13, 2021

One of the most common complaints about weighted blankets is how they have a tendency to sleep hot. Individuals seeking warmth and comfort from the gentle pressure of a weighted blanket end up hot, stuffy, and far from relaxed. This is because many weighted blankets on the market are made of non-breathable synthetic materials like   READ MORE

Best Bed in a Box Canada (2021) / January 2, 2021

Struggling to find the best bed in a box in Canada? You’ve probably come across a lot of top 10 lists that give you the best mattress in every category, but being the #1 mattress doesn’t mean it’s the #1 mattress for you. The choice can be overwhelming, especially if you’ve never bought a mattress   READ MORE

Best Firm Mattress Canada / November 25, 2020

Does the idea of sinking back into a soft mattress make your muscles tense just thinking about it? If you’re a firm believer in sleeping on firmer mattresses, read on to see why the Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress and Latex Mattress are the best firm mattresses in Canada. Firmness vs Support Let’s first cover   READ MORE

Best Mattress for Heavy People in Canada / November 24, 2020

Buying a mattress can be overwhelming when having to balance personal preferences with physical requirements and budget. One factor that you definitely want to have “weigh in” on the decision making process is the weight of the sleeper. We believe we’ve designed the best mattresses in Canada with heavy people in mind. Now, I know   READ MORE

Best Silk Pillowcase Canada / November 22, 2020

A quick search on Google or Amazon for silk pillowcases can leave you lost on your journey to the ultimate dreamland that you’re trying to curate. It’s hard to differentiate the difference between the endless options when prices range from under $20 all the way to $200. Is there a difference? Are silk pillowcases even   READ MORE