Our Commitment

Our Values
As a better bedding company, it is a top priority for us to give back to our community in a meaningful manner. See how we achieve this goal in multiple ways.

Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

All of our products are made with the health of the planet as a top priority, as we only partner with manufacturers that care about the planet in the same ways we do.

Giving Back

We always aim to give back to communities in need. That’s why we have donation and recycling programs to help more people get a good night’s rest.

Responsible Sourcing

To ensure we’re doing right by our planet, we source all of our raw materials with responsibility as a core principle. Healthier materials mean a healthier planet.
Our Sustainability Promise
From the very beginning, sustainability has been a value that we consistently hold as a guiding principle in everything that we do. As a better sleep company, we are always thinking about the health of our planet and how we impact it. Read more on how we prioritize sustainability.

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Things We’re Doing
We take pride in the projects we’re involved in, which all aim to improve our planet and the communities that inhabit it. Read on to learn more about some of these projects and what we’re doing to make a difference.
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True North Aid x Silk & Snow

In partnership with True North Aid, we’ve launched A Good Night’s Sleep, a project that aims to supply remote Indigenous communities in need across Canada with a comfortable sleep, every single night.

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Other Projects

Read on to see how we’ve helped to improve the sleep of the Portage La Prairie Fire Department and the Surgery Residency Program of McMaster University.

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Have a cause you’d like us to consider? Email us at [email protected]
Where Do Our Mattresses Go?
We aren’t in the business of creating excess waste for our planet. That’s why we work with charitable organizations and recycling partners to ensure that none of our returned Silk & Snow mattresses will end up in a landfill, ever. It’s just another way we strive to promote sustainability and a better planet for us to live in.
Our Charitable Partners
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If you’re interested in becoming one of our charitable partners, contact us