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What Sets Silk & Snow Apart

Fair Pricing

Setting prices at Silk & Snow follows a simple rule, which is to charge what we need, not what we can. We price based on what it costs to make a product and build in a fair profit. We do not spend significant amounts on marketing or paying affiliate commissions, and prefer to let our product speak for itself.

4 lbs Mean Quality

We use 2 inches of an industry leading 4 lb memory foam, which is one of the highest quality foams available and provides superior pressure point relief and unmatched durability. Over time, a less dense memory foam mattress will have a much shorter useful life and will soften faster over time.

Premium Anti-microbial Cover

The Silk & Snow mattress cover is made with an advanced textile, infused with a pure natural silver that prevents the growth of bacteria. To make things even easier for you, it is designed with a 360˚ zipper that allows you to easily remove only the top panel for laundering.
Novosbed vs Silk & Snow

S&S Mattress
Novosbed Mattress
Price (Queen Size) $800 $999
Highest Density Layer 4 lb gel memory foam 3.7-4 lb gel memory foam
Mattress Height 10 inches 11 inches
Anti-microbial Cover
360° Removable Cover
Warranty 15 years 15 years
Trial Period 100 Days 120 Days
Manufactured Canada Canada
CertiPUR-US Certified
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S&S Mattress
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S&S Hybrid
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Cover Design
Silk & Snow Cover

A popular feature of the S&S Mattress is the design of the 360-degree zipper so that the top of the mattress cover can be easily removed for laundering. In addition, the top fabric is soft yet practical, as it antibacterial due to the pure natural silver that is infused into the fabric. Silver is naturally antibacterial and helps to prevent the growth of bacteria which is often the culprit that leads to odour and discolouration of fabrics.

Novosbed Cover

The Novosbed cover is also removable and is machine washable but does not have the innovative antimicrobial properties that prevents the growth of unwanted bacteria.
Why is High Density Foam Important
Many misunderstand higher foam densities to mean a firmer mattress, when in fact there is actually no relationship between density and firmness levels. What density really reveals to you is quality and durability expectations. It’s usually safe to expect that higher density mattresses will translate into the mattress being more solid due the heavier weight and more substantial materials used in the pouring of the foam. Foam will naturally soften over time from use, so having a higher density foam will extend the life of the mattress and maintain the support and pressure point relief.

The Silk & Snow mattress is constructed with a 4 lb memory foam, which is one of the highest density foams available amongst Canadian retailers. Novosbed was also well known for using higher density foams the design of their mattress, however, it is important to note that Novosbed no longer discloses the foam densities on their website.
Delivery and Sleep Trial
With the improvement of compression technology, many mattresses are now able to be compressed and folded to fit into a box. Once compressed the mattress are quite compact and can be fitted into a box about the size of a small bar fridge. These boxes are shippable with many major courier services and can be left at your door if you are not home.

Silk and Snow and Novosbed both use FedEx as their primary delivery partner. Both companies offer free shipping to the majority of Canadians and Americans.

Similar to most bed in a box companies, both Novosbed and Silk and Snow offer a risk-free sleep trial. The sleep trial allows customers to try out the mattress in the comfort of their own home and really lets them get a good feel of the mattress. Silk and Snow offers a 100 days sleep trial which starts on the day that you receive the mattress and Novosbed’s sleep trial is 120 days. Unlike many other online brands, Novosbed does ask that you keep their mattress for a minimum of 60 nights before you make a decision to return the mattress.
Company Overview
Novosbed was founded in 2009 and is owned by, which carries a number of bed-in-a-box and mattress-in-a-box products. created their own mattress review site under a different brand name where they review many well-known mattress brands and interestingly rate their own five brands as the best mattress of 2019. In their disclaimer, they state that "Views expressed here represent our opinions only."

Silk & Snow is an e-commerce bedding company based in Toronto, Ontario that is 100% Canadian owned and operated. Silk & Snow originally launched in 2017 with a single mattress (the original S&S Mattress). Based on the popularity of the original S&S Mattress and listening to the feedback from customers, Silk + Snow introduced the S&S Hybrid mattress, which provided better breathability, edge support, and a traditional feel that many customers are already familiar with.

Silk & Snow now offers a full line of sleep products including a Pillow, Protector, Duvet, Duvet Cover, Platform Bed, and Bed Frame. The Silk & Snow products are available for testing in our Toronto showrooms and available for purchase online.
Hybrid Mattress
Our Hybrid Mattress is the best of both worlds with 1000+ pocketed coils that offer a cool, bouncy, and responsive sleep surface while the memory foam layer provides the contouring and pressure-point relief that memory foam is known for.
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S&S Mattress
Our luxuriously comfortable memory foam mattress is easy to fall in love with, with a premium 4 lb memory foam layer for unmatched support, pressure-point relief, and durability.
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