Wooden Bed Frame

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Our all-natural, sustainable bed frame made of solid Acacia wood. Combining traditional Japanese joinery with contemporary styling, this solid wood bed provides a touch of refinement to any bedroom.

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Wooden Bed Frame with Headboard
Wooden Platform Bed
Dimensions: 85" x 65" x 37.5"
Size    Queen
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$200 / Month
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Natural Beauty
Solid Acacia wood features a naturally beautiful grain, with renowned durability.
Breezy to Build
Tired of counting screws, nuts, and bolts? This wood bed frame uses Japanese joinery for a seamless building process.
Built to Last
Sustainability is key. This bed frame is built using high quality materials, to ensure it lasts as long as you need it.

Tradition Meets Convenience

Japanese joinery is a traditional method of carpentry that produces durable furniture without the use of nails or screws. Our organic bed frame uses Japanese joinery, making for a bed frame that is not only beautiful, but easy to construct.

Pure Wood, Naturally

Our Wooden Bed Frame strictly uses solid Acacia wood, which is prized for its unparalleled durability and natural beauty. Additionally, Acacia wood is naturally scratch resistant, meaning it will retain its wondrous beauty for years to come.

Quality Craftsmanship

We’re picky about craftsmanship, and you should be too. This wooden bed frame has been constructed by experienced craftspeople in the illustrious Vietnamese furniture industry, who value quality and durability in the same ways that we do.
A Luxury Bed Frame,
Requiring No Tools to Assemble
Transparency at Every Step
At Silk & Snow, we firmly believe that customers deserve to know where and how their products are being made. That’s why we’ve outlined the entire manufacturing process of our Wooden Bed Frame, showcasing exactly what goes into our premium furniture.
Wood Source
We strictly use natural Acacia Wood sourced from sustainable plantations in central Vietnam, and the Mekong Delta. Most wooden bed frames use imported lumber, which can cause more pollution due to transport emissions.
Wood Cutting
The Acacia is then cut into usable wood by a local lumber processing facility in Central Vietnam. This facility helps to promote eco-conscious manufacturing principles when processing the local lumber.
Finishing and Manufacturing
Lastly, the natural Acacia is finished and constructed into a bed frame by a women-founded company based in Bình Dương province, which uses high-quality materials to make durable and sustainable furniture pieces.
Product Specs
Measurements & Dimensions
Twin Full Queen King
General Dimensions (Headboard Version) 80" x 44" x 37.5" 80" x 59" x 37.5" 85" x 65" x 37.5" 85" x 81" x 37.5"
General Dimensions (Platform Version) 80" x 44" x 13" 80" x 59" x 13" 85" x 65" x 13" 85" x 81" x 13"
Box Dimensions (Headboard Version) 46.4" x 28.7" x 3.1"
39.7" x 6.6" x 5.3"
82.4" x 17.3" x 7"
61.4" x 28.7" x 3.1"
54.7" x 6.6" x 5.3"
82.4" x 17.3" x 7"
66.9" x 27.9" x 2.7"
60.6" x 6.2" x 5.7"
86.8" x 16.9" x 6.8"
83.4" x 28.7" x 3.1"
76.7" x 6.6" x 6.1"
87.2" x 18.7" x 7"
Box Dimensions (Platform Version) 46" x 6.6" x 4.3"
39.7" x 6.6" x 5.3"
82.4" x 17.3" x 7"
61" x 6.6" x 4.3"
54.7" x 6.6" x 5.3"
82.4" x 17.3" x 7"
66.9" x 6.2" x 4.1"
60.6" x 6.2" x 5.7"
86.8" x 16.9" x 6.8"
83" x 6.6" x 4.5"
76.7" x 6.6" x 6.1"
87.2" x 18.7" x 7"
Slats 2" wide 3" apart 2" wide 3" apart 2" wide 3" apart 2" wide 3" apart
Clearance 8” 8” 8” 8”
Compatible with all mattresses, including any Silk & Snow mattresses.
The weight capacity for the Twin size is 500lbs. Sizes Full, Queen, and King is 1100 lbs.
Frequently Asked Questions
Is Acacia Wood high quality?
In short, yes!
Among other things, Acacia wood is prized for its durability, beautiful grain, and scratch resistant qualities. The Acacia we use is from Vietnam, which has a naturally damp and humid climate. For this reason it is also naturally resistant to water and moisture.