Polysleep Mattress Review

See how Polysleep Stacks up Against Silk & Snow


We’ve provided an in-depth review of Polysleep, and taken the opportunity to compare them against Silk & Snow, one of the leading Canadian Mattress Brands. If you’d like to jump right to the review, click the link here.

What Makes Silk & Snow Different
True High-Density Foam
At Silk & Snow, we strictly use 4lb High-Density Memory Foam in our S&S mattresses. 4lb memory foam ensures your mattress is not only more comfortable, but also built to last. Other companies like Polysleep claim to use "high-density" foam, but often use foams that are below 4lbs in density.
Commitment to Quality
At Silk & Snow, we commit ourselves to producing thoughtfully-made bedding products and mattresses. That's why we offer mattresses and bedding options that are manufactured responsibly using high-quality materials.
When it comes to mattresses, we know that the "one size fits all" approach is not the way to go. That's why we offer three distinct mattresses, each with their own unique structure and composition. Variety is the spice of sleep!
Silk & Snow vs Polysleep
Polysleep Mattress
Polysleep Mattress
Price $800-$1,400 $440-$1880
Mattress Types Offered Memory Foam, Hybrid, and Organic Just Foam
Density of Top Layer Foam (S&S Mattress) 4 LB 3 LB
Warranty 15 Years 10 Years
Made in Canada?
Silk & Snow vs Polysleep Firmness
Polysleep offers three different foam mattresses that cover a wide variety of different firmness levels. If you’d like to compare this in more detail, you can jump ahead to the "Polysleep Construction and Materials" and learn more.
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Polysleep Mattress Review

If you'd like to dive deeper into the details, we have provided an in-depth analysis of Polysleep.
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Polysleep Overview

Polysleep was founded in 2016 in Montreal, Quebec by current CEO Jeremiah Curvers, with the goal of producing foam bed-in-a-box mattresses from Canadian manufacturers.

By offering perks like 100 night trials and 10 year warranties, Polysleep helps consumers to avoid pushy sales tactics and high markups common to brick and mortar mattress stores.

Polysleep Construction and Materials

All of the mattresses produced by Polysleep are made in Montreal, Quebec. Canadian manufacturing is typically indicative of a higher quality mattress, which is why all of our Silk & Snow mattresses are also made in Canada.

Polysleep Mattress

The cover of the Polysleep Mattress is made from 100% polyester, and is completely removeable for easy cleaning. The Polysleep Mattress is comprised of three layers of polyurethane foam.

The first layer, or comfort layer is made from 3lb aerated hybrid poly foam. This hybrid foam is very responsive, and does not possess the iconic sinking feeling common to memory foam. Next is the transition layer, which is comprised of 1.8lb soft polyurethane foam to act as a transition between the hybrid foam and the more firm and supportive base layer foam. Lastly, the base layer is comprised of 1.8lb high density polyurethane foam, which acts as a solid base for support. This base layer is then surrounded by a support frame of 2lb high density polyurethane foam, for additional edge support.

Polysleep Zephyr Mattress

The cover of the Polysleep Zephyr Mattress is made from 88% polyester, 1% Spandex, and 11% Organic Cotton. Unlike the S&S Mattress, the cover of the Polysleep Zephyr Mattress is not removable, which means it is not as easy to clean.

The Polysleep Zephyr Mattress is made from four layers of polyurethane foam.

The first layer, or comfort layer is made from 2.6lb gel hybrid polyurethane foam. Features such as cooling gel help to keep sleepers cool, as polyurethane foam is known for running hot. The second layer of the Polysleep Zephyr also acts as a comfort layer. This layer is made from 3lb ventilated memory foam. Similar to cooling gel, ventilation also helps the foam to circulate air better, which can help keep sleepers cool. The third layer, or transition layer is made from two different varieties of polyurethane foam. The top and bottom portions of this layer are made from 1.8lb transitional polyurethane foam. The centre of this layer is made from 2lb polyurethane foam, to provide greater support for the back and hips. The fourth layer, or base layer is made from 1.8lb polyurethane foam, with an edge support frame made from 2.0lb polyurethane foam. This layer acts as a solid foundation for the mattress, providing greater support.

Polysleep Origin Mattress

The cover of the Polysleep Origin Mattress is made from 70% Polyester and 30% Viscose. Unlike the S&S Mattress, the cover of the Polysleep Origin Mattress is not removable, meaning it is not as easy to launder.

The Polysleep Origin Mattress is comprised of two layers of foam.

The first layer, or comfort layer is made from 3lb memory foam. This plush layer provides the familiar sinking feeling common to memory foam, while providing optimal comfort. The second layer, or base layer of the Polysleep Origin Mattress is made from 1.8lb polyurethane foam, providing a firm base for the mattress overall.

Polysleep Firmness and Feel Overview

Polysleep Mattress Firmness and Feel

As far as firmness goes, we rated the Polysleep Mattress at a 5.8/10 for overall firmness, on a scale from very soft to very firm.

Due to its 3 layer construction of various densities of polyurethane foam, the Polysleep Mattress has an overall medium-firm feel, much like our S&S Foam Mattress. This medium-firm feel is due in part to the supportive nature of polyurethane foam, which does not possess the sinking sensation which is common to memory foam. The firm base layer with edge support also helps to provide more support overall, increasing the firm feel of the mattress.

This medium-firm feel is suitable for most sleepers, which is why our S&S Mattress provides a similar feel.

Polysleep Origin Mattress Firmness and Feel

In terms of firmness, the Polysleep Origin Mattress was rated a 5.6/10, on a scale from very soft to very firm.

Due to its two layer structure of both memory foam and conventional polyurethane foam, the Polysleep Origin has an overall medium feel. This feel is very similar to our S&S Mattress, due in part to both mattresses using memory foam. However, the Polysleep Origin has a slightly softer feel when compared to the S&S Mattress, due to the Polysleep Origin only containing two layers of foam. You’ll feel the classic sinking feeling of the memory foam top layer, supported by the base layer of traditional polyurethane foam.

This medium feel is more suitable for back sleepers, as the softer memory foam provides a nice sinking feeling, which is generally recommended for back sleepers.

Polysleep Zephyr Mattress Firmness and Feel

We rated the Polysleep Zephyr Mattress a 6.4/10 in terms of firmness, on a scale from very soft to very firm.

Due to its four layer structure consisting of various foams of differing densities, the Polysleep Zephyr Mattress has an overall medium-firm feel, skewing slightly to the firmer side. This mattress is noticeably firmer than our S&S Mattress, and is more comparable in firmness to our S&S Hybrid Mattress. The top layers of polyurethane foam mean that this mattress does not contain the sinking feeling common to memory foam mattresses. The firm base layer and edge support also contribute to the firmer feel overall.

This medium-firm feel is suitable for most sleepers, which is why our S&S Mattress provides a similar feel.

Where Can I Buy Polysleep Mattresses?

All of Polysleep’s Mattresses can be found on Polysleep’s website

Additionally, the original Polylseep Mattress can be found at some brick and mortar furniture stores across Canada.

Do Polysleep Mattresses Smell?

Although all of the Polysleep Mattresses are made with Certi-PUR US Certified foams, many customers and review websites have reported off-gasing and a chemical smell emanating from the mattress when it is initially unwrapped. We recommend placing the Polysleep Mattresses in a well ventilated room for two days to allow the VOCs (volatile organic compounds) to dissipate completely.

The History of Polysleep

Polysleep was founded by entrepreneur and self-taught businessman Jeremiah Curvers, in 2016. Curvers was raised in a Belgian household, and grew up in the city of Montreal, Quebec, where Polysleep would eventually be established.

Today, Polysleep has grown to be a large bed-in-a-box retailer in Quebec.