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What Sets Silk & Snow Apart

Premium Anti-Microbial Cover

The Silk & Snow mattress cover is made with an advanced textile, infused with a pure natural silver that prevents the growth of bacteria. To make things even easier for you, it is designed with a 360° zipper that allows you to easily remove only the top panel for laundering.

4 lbs Means Quality

We use an industry leading 4 lb memory foam, which is one of the highest quality foams available and provides superior pressure point relief and unmatched durability. Over time, a less dense memory foam mattress will have a much shorter useful life and will soften faster over time.

Pressure Relief & Support

The Silk & Snow Mattress uses a high-density memory foam layer. High-density foam is ideal for maintaining proper body alignment for back sleepers, stomach sleepers, side sleepers, heavier sleepers and those contending with chronic pain issues.
Douglas vs Silk & Snow

S&S Mattress
Douglas Mattress
Price (Queen Size) $750 (sale price with coupon) $749 (sale price with coupon)
Quality of Top Layer 4 lbs Higher-density memory foam molds and contours to your body providing superior support and pressure point relief 2.5 lbs
Shipping weight (Queen) 76 lbs 70 lbs
Premium Anti-microbial Cover
Manufactured Canada Canada
CertiPUR-US Certified
Warranty 15 years 15 years
Trial Period 100 Days 120 Days
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S&S Mattress
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S&S Hybrid
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Foam Quality
The quality of the foam has been traditionally measured by the weight and density of the foam. Over time, foam does tend to soften and provide less support for your body, which is why many mattresses reach their end-of-life after a long period of usage. The higher density foams tend to hold up better than the equivalent type of foam in a lower density.

Both the Silk & Snow and Douglas Mattress are made from 100% foam which is made-in-Canada. The top layer of the Silk & Snow Mattress is a 4 lb memory foam and the top layer of the Douglas mattress uses a 2.5 lb foam.
Hybrid or Foam?
The popularity of memory foam mattresses has grown over the years due to the excellent ideal pressure point relief and support provided by these types of mattresses. However, many still prefer the feel of a coil-based mattress as it provides more of a traditional feel and a more rigid base for heavier individuals. Coil mattresses are also known for better breathability and will sleep cooler for those who struggle with sleeping hot.

Thankfully, the technology has now become available to also compress a coil mattress, which has led Silk & Snow to introduce their pocketed coil base S&S Hybrid mattress, which can also be rolled and shipped in a small compact box through regular couriers such as FedEx or UPS. The S&S Hybrid mattress has the same great feel of the S&S Mattress, but combines the comfort of a memory foam top layer with the edge support, durability, and breathability of pocketed coil base.
Cover Design
Silk & Snow Cover
One of the more popular features of the S&S Mattress is that it was designed with cleanliness in mind. The top portion of the cover can be zipped off and laundered separately from the bottom portion of the mattress, since the cover was designed with a 360˚ zipper zipper. The S&S mattress cover is also infused with pure natural silver which is naturally antimicrobial.

All Silk & Snow mattress covers are made with an advanced textile, infused with a pure natural silver that prevents the growth of bacteria. The silver is infused into the fibers and has been tested for effectiveness even after 100 washes.

Douglas Mattress Cover
The Douglas mattress is designed with a red zipper running along the side of the mattress, to allow for the top half of the cover to be removed for washing. According to their website, only the top cover is washable and it is recommended that it is washed in cool or warm water on a delicate setting.
Company Overviews
Douglas vs Silk & Snow
The Douglas brand was introduced in 2017 to the Canadian market only and is based in Edmonton, Alberta. The Douglas Mattress has sometimes been referred to as Douglasbed or the Douglas Bed and is owned and operated by, which carries a number of bed-in-a-box mattress and mattress-in-a-box brands. created their own mattress review site under a different name where they rate many well-known mattress brands and interestingly rate their own five brands as the best mattress of 2019. In their disclaimer, they state that "Views expressed here represent our opinions only."

Silk & Snow is an e-commerce bedding company based in Toronto, Ontario that is 100% Canadian owned and operated. Silk & Snow originally launched in 2017 with a single mattress (the S&S Mattress) and over time, introduced a number of sleep products such as the S&S Hybrid Mattress, Pillow, Protector, Duvet, Duvet Cover, Platform Bed, and Bed Frame. The Silk & Snow products are available for testing in our Toronto showrooms and available for purchase online.
The price of the Silk and Snow vs Douglas Mattress reflects the promotions, discounts, coupons, or ongoing promos that were offered on the site at the time that this was written.

S&S Mattress
Twin - $600
Twin XL - $625
Full/Double - $675
Queen - $750
King - $850
Cal King - $850

Douglas Mattress
Twin - $599
Twin XL - $629
Full/Double - $679
Queen - $749
King - $849
Cal King - $849
Hybrid Mattress
Our Hybrid Mattress is the best of both worlds with 1000+ pocketed coils that offer a cool, bouncy, and responsive sleep surface while the memory foam layer provides the contouring and pressure-point relief that memory foam is known for.
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S&S Mattress
Our luxuriously comfortable memory foam mattress is easy to fall in love with, with a premium 4 lb memory foam layer for unmatched support, pressure-point relief, and durability.
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