Is the Endy Mattress Worth It? See How We Compare.

What Sets Silk & Snow Apart

360˚ Removable Cover

Keeping your mattress clean doesn’t have to be a chore. Our mattress is designed with a 360˚ zipper that allows you to easily remove the top panel for laundering. The Endy mattress suggests that their cover is washable but the entire cover needs to be removed in order to be machine washed.

4 lbs Means Quality

We use an industry leading 4 lb memory foam, which is one of the highest quality foams available in Canada and provides superior pressure point relief and unmatched durability. Over time, a less dense memory foam mattress will have a much shorter useful life and will soften faster over time.

15 Year Warranty

The Silk & Snow mattress was handcrafted to offer a luxury sleep experience. We designed this mattress only using premium Canadian foams and are confident in the quality of the materials, which is why we can offer a 15 year warranty.
Silk & Snow vs Endy

S&S Mattress
Price (Queen Size) $750 $850
Quality of Top Layer 4 lbs
Higher-density memory foam molds and contours to your body providing superior support and pressure point relief
Will not provide
Shipping weight (Queen) 76 lbs 70 lbs
360° Removable Cover
Premium Anti-microbial Cover
CertiPUR-US Certified
Warranty 15 years 10 years
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S&S Mattress
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S&S Hybrid
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Does Weight Mean Quality?
Foam density is a concept that can be tricky to understand for those looking for quality memory foam mattress, but it continues to be one of the most important details to compare before making your decision on a mattress to buy.

Foam density is measured as the weight in pounds for a cubic foot of foam. Generally, lower density foams are less expensive to produce since less materials are used in making a lower density foam layer. While density doesn’t give you the whole story, it does give you an indication of the durability and comfort. When an older mattress starts to fail, it usually means that the foam has softened and lost its resiliency and ability to provide support. Lower density foam tends to soften and break down faster than a higher density foam, leading to a shorter lifespan.

At Silk & Snow, we are very proud of the quality of materials used in making each of our mattresses and take pride in being entirely transparent with the detailed specifications of each layer in the construction of our mattresses. The S&S Mattress is a popular choice as it is designed with a premium 4 lb memory foam top layer, which is one of the highest density foams available in the Canadian market.

The foam density information for the top comfort layer is not available on Endy’s website and representatives noted that they do not provide this information. However, the overall weight of the mattress is an indication of overall foam densities, then the Endy queen size mattress boxed is 70 lbs and the overall weight of a S&S Mattress (queen size) boxed is 76 lbs.
Mattress Cover
The S&S Mattress was designed with cleanliness in mind, with a 360 degree zipper that allows you to remove easily remove the top of the mattress cover for washing. Along with the innovative cover design, the mattress cover is infused with silver, which is naturally antibacterial and inhibits the growth of bacteria, maintaining a cleaner and fresher feeling where you sleep. The cover has been tested to maintain the same antibacterial effectiveness even after 100 washes.

The Endy mattress cover is also machine washable in warm water (40°C) and suggests that you wash your cover alone to avoid colour transfer or pilling from other fabrics. When removing the cover, both the top and bottom of the mattress cover needs to be removed so it is best to get the help of a friend when putting the cover back on.
Coil Hybrid vs Foam?
When it comes to your mattress, the one thing that everyone can agree on is that it needs to be comfortable. But what is comfortable for one person may not be comfortable for another. That’s why Silk & Snow offers you the choice of either the S&S Hybrid pocketed coil mattress or the all foam S&S Mattress. Both of these mattresses are compressed into a small box for convenience and ease in moving and shipping.

Pocketed Coil hybrid mattresses are usually constructed with multiple layers of foam on top of a pocketed coil base. Pocketed coils are individual coils enclosed in cloth and separated from one another, which allows for better motion isolation and body contouring that are typically features better known in memory foam mattresses. Pocket coils are also known to provide a more traditional feel with better breathability that would benefit those that sleep hot. It is also more suitable for heavier body types.

Most other bed-in-a-box brands such as Endy, only offer a single all foam mattress design, as memory foam mattresses are usually easier to compress and ship in a small compact box. A memory foam mattress usually provides better cradling comfort, deep support, and reduced pressure points
Company Overview
Endy vs Silk & Snow
Endy (formerly known as Endy Sleep) is a mattress-in-the-box brand that was introduced to the Canadian market in 2015. Endy is a subsidiary of Canadian sleep retailer Sleep Country and has been hoping to recreate the success of other, large online mattress-in-a-box eCommerce brands. Endy offers an expanded product lineup that includes the Endy Pillow, Endy Sheets, Endy Bed Frame, Endy Mattress Protector, Endy Duvet, and Endy Duvet Cover. As of 2019, Endy also offers a showroom in Toronto called The Stackt Lodge on 28 Bathurst St, only a few blocks away from the Silk & Snow showroom.

Silk & Snow is an e-commerce bedding company based in Toronto, Ontario that is 100% Canadian owned and operated. Silk & Snow originally launched in 2017 with a single mattress (the original S&S Mattress). Based on the popularity of the original S&S Mattress and listening to the feedback from customers, Silk + Snow introduced the S&S Hybrid mattress, which provided better breathability, edge support, and a traditional feel that many customers are already familiar with.

Silk & Snow now offers a full line of sleep products including a Pillow, Protector, Duvet, Duvet Cover, Platform Bed, and Bed Frame. The Silk & Snow products are available for testing in our Toronto showroom and available for purchase online.
The price listed below for the Silk and Snow vs Endy Mattress reflects the promotions offered on the site at the time this was written. This does not include discounts, promos, sales, coupons, or ongoing promos that can be found on any other 3rd party informational or review site.

S&S Mattress
Twin - $600
Twin XL - $625
Full/Double - $675
Queen - $750
King - $850
Cal King - $850

The Endy Mattress
Twin - $675
Twin XL - $700
Full/Double - $775
Queen - $850
King - $950
Cal King - $950
Hybrid Mattress
Our Hybrid Mattress is the best of both worlds with 1000+ pocketed coils that offer a cool, bouncy, and responsive sleep surface while the memory foam layer provides the contouring and pressure-point relief that memory foam is known for.
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S&S Mattress
Our luxuriously comfortable memory foam mattress is easy to fall in love with, with a premium 4 lb memory foam layer for unmatched support, pressure-point relief, and durability.
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