How Does Tempur-Pedic Mattresses Compare to Silk & Snow?

What Sets Silk & Snow Apart

Fair Pricing

Setting prices at Silk & Snow follows a simple rule, which is to charge Canadians what we need, not what we can. We price based on what it costs to make a product and build in a fair profit.


Tempur-Pedic does not disclose the materials used in their mattresses. Silk & Snow uses premium materials from Canada to build a high-quality mattress and we are upfront about the densities of our foam. Over time, a less dense foam will have a much shorter useful life and will soften faster over time.

Made in Canada

All materials used in the Silk & Snow are manufactured in Canada and our foam is Certi-PUR-US certified for low VOC emissions for indoor air quality. Tempurpedic mattresses are made in USA.
Silk & Snow vs Tempur-Pedic

Silk & Snow
Price (Queen) $750-$850 Canadian site does not disclose (dependent on individual retailers)
Highest Density Layer 4lb gel memory foam Will not disclose
Premium Memory Foam
Mattress Types 2 - Foam or Hybrid 16 models
Warranty 15 years 10 years
Trial Period 100 days Policies dependent on individual retailers
Manufactured Canada USA
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Mattress Types
Most individual's mattress shopping journey will start with a decision of whether they prefer a coil mattress or a foam mattress. Silk & Snow tries to make your decision simpler by having only one curated model for a foam mattress and a hybrid coil mattress. Tempurpedic provides a dizzying number of options including 16 models (TEMPUR-Prima, TEMPUR-Adapt, TEMPUR-ProAdapt, TEMPUR-ProBreeze, TEMPUR-LuxeBreeze, TEMPUR-Align, TEMPUR-ProAlign, TEMPUR-LuxeAlign, TEMPUR-React, TEMPUR-ProReact, TEMPUR-Support, TEMPUR-ProSupport, TEMPUR-Sense, TEMPUR-ProSense, TEMPUR-Perform, TEMPUR-ProPerform) and hybrid and firmness options in each.
Density of Foam
The density of foam is usually a good indicator of quality. It’s an important factor in your buying decision and is why Silk & Snow transparently provides the density of each foam layer in each mattress. Foam density is measured as the weight in pounds for a cubic foot of foam. A higher density foam will usually provide better pressure point relief and support. The density of foam often gets confused with firmness. Density has no relation to firmness and a high density foam mattress can actually feel soft and luxurious.
Hybrid Mattress
Our Hybrid Mattress is the best of both worlds with 1000+ pocketed coils that offer a cool, bouncy, and responsive sleep surface while the memory foam layer provides the contouring and pressure-point relief that memory foam is known for.
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S&S Mattress
Our luxuriously comfortable memory foam mattress is easy to fall in love with, with a premium 4 lb memory foam layer for unmatched support, pressure-point relief, and durability.
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