Silk and Snow vs Thuma Bed

See how the Thuma Bed Stacks up Against Silk & Snow
We’ve provided an in-depth review of the Thuma Bed, and taken the opportunity to compare it against Silk & Snow, one of the leading bedding brands in Canada. If you’d like to jump right to the review, click here.

What Makes Silk & Snow Different
Total Transparency
We stand by our products and what goes into them. That’s why we offer total transparency and disclose everything about our materials and manufacturers. We strictly use 100% natural Acacia Wood sourced from sustainable plantations in central Vietnam, and the Mekong Delta.
Free Shipping
100% Canadian-owned and operated, we happily offer free shipping to serve our customers in both Canada and the US. Thuma only ships within the US.
Exceptional Quality
At Silk & Snow, we’ve built an exceptional reputation based on quality materials, manufacturing, and finished products. Expertly designed using non-toxic materials, our wooden bed frame has a headboard made of 100% Acacia wood, the same material as the rest of the piece. Thuma’s headboard is made of premium foam with a 100% polyester pebbled linen-weave cover.
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S&S Wooden Bed Frame with Headboard vs. Thuma Bed
Thuma Bed
Thuma Bed
Price (Queen Size) $1000 - $1500 $1095 - $1195
Material 100% Acacia Wood Acacia Wood, foam, polyester
Weight 1100 lbs 1500 lbs
Assembly No tools necessary No tools necessary
Country of Origin Vietnam Vietnam
Compatibility All mattresses All mattresses
Add a touch of refinement to any bedroom with our Japanese-inspired wooden bed frame
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Thuma Bed Review

If you’d like to dive deeper into the details, we have provided an in-depth analysis of the Thuma bed.
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Thuma Bed Overview

Thuma, a direct-to-consumer brand committed to simplicity and Japanese craftsmanship, was founded in San Francisco in 2016 by Douglas Shumway and Reed Kamler with the goal of offering customers a perfect platform bed, designed for today’s “Indoor Enthusiasts.”

After two years of testing, they launched the Thuma bed in 2018.

Does Thuma Bed Ship to Canada?

As of December 2021, Thuma does not offer international shipping. This means that only customers that reside in the United States of America can currently purchase a Thuma bed and have it shipped to their home.

At Silk & Snow, we offer our Wooden Bed Frame to customers in both Canada, and the United States of America.

Thuma Bed Construction and Materials

The Thuma bed was designed in San Francisco and made in Vietnam from solid, repurposed wood. Built using a Japanese joinery technique, each piece of wood interlocks with only tension and friction, eliminating the need for metal hardware.

The Thuma bed is available in two colours: walnut and natural.

The Thuma bed comes with a hybrid headboard and pillow called The PillowBoard. It is made of premium, tapered, CertiPUR-US® certified foam with a 100% polyester pebbled linen-weave cover. The PillowBoard cover is removable and washable.

The Thuma bed’s PillowBoard comes in two colours: dark charcoal and light linen. Thuma does not offer a solid headboard option.

Where is the Thuma Bed Made?

The Thuma Bed is made in Vietnam.

Where Can I Buy the Thuma Bed?

The Thuma bed is currently only available through the Thuma website, which ships within the US.

Thuma Bed Price

  Thuma Bed (Walnut) Thuma Bed (Natural) S&S Wooden Bedframe with Headboard S&S Wooden Platform Bed
Twin $795 USD $895 USD $750 USD ($950 CAD) $550 USD ($650 CAD)
Full $995 USD $1095 USD $1000 USD ($1250 CAD) $725 USD ($850 CAD)
Queen $1095 USD $1195 USD $1200 USD ($1500 CAD) $850 USD ($1000 CAD)
King $1195 USD $1295 USD $1300 USD ($1700 CAD) $900 USD ($1100 CAD)
Cal King $1195 USD $1295 USD N/A N/A
S&S Mattress
$600 - $900 $475 - $775
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S&S Hybrid
$600 - $900 $475 - $775
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S&S Organic
$850 - $1,450 $725 - $1,325
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Wooden Nightstand
$350 $333
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