Crafting The Best Hand-Knit Weighted Blanket / April 4, 2022

Weighted Blankets (also known as Gravity Blankets) have seen a recent surge in popularity due to a bevy of health and wellness benefits. Some of these benefits include combating stress, reducing anxiety, and maintaining an uninterrupted night’s sleep. The Gravity of Weighted Blankets Despite positive word of mouth, it may come as a surprise that   READ MORE

Why We Made The Best Bath Towels Canada Has to Offer / March 21, 2022

Since we started as a bed-in-a-box company in 2017, our mission has always been to stay devoted to our guiding principles of using sustainable raw materials, promoting transparency and traceability, and ensuring our environmental impact is minimal. Whenever we intend to introduce a new product, we have to ensure we can stand behind that product,   READ MORE

The Best Pillow for Side Sleepers / February 25, 2022

Side sleepers make up the vast majority of sleepers in the world – and bedding retailers are fully aware of this. With more sleep products on the market than ever before, there has come a large assortment of items specifically designed for side sleepers. While these options can allow for a more curated and informed   READ MORE

“A Truly Canadian Made Mattress…” (2022) / February 4, 2022

The Digitally Local Paradox The rise of the COVID-19 pandemic quickly made us recognize two equally important yet contradictory realities: the need to support local businesses, and the convenience and accessibility of shopping online. Shopping locally allows you to know where your money is going, where your products are coming from, and that these products   READ MORE

Silk & Snow: Transforming Communities One Mattress at a Time / November 23, 2021

When Silk & Snow was established in 2017, our goal was always to create comfortable mattresses with sustainability as a top priority. However, we know that not every mattress will work for everyone. Because of this, we spent a substantial amount of time thinking about how we can ensure that our returned mattresses will not   READ MORE

Our Sustainability Promise / November 11, 2021

From the very beginning, we at Silk & Snow have always valued sustainability as one of our top priorities in every aspect of our company. Interwoven in the very fabric of how we operate, sustainability is consistently top of mind when we look at how we source the materials for our products, how our products   READ MORE