Happy Father’s Day The Silk & Snow Gift Guide for Dad! / June 9, 2022

There’s an unspoken and unwritten (until now) implication that the bedding industry, and by extension, Silk & Snow is more geared towards women. Whether by design or through a self-fulfilling prophecy, when looking at the customer base – this is more or less the reality. Though many have conflated the concepts of femininity and luxurious   READ MORE

Which Wool Blanket is the Best? Our Alpaca Wool Blankets / June 3, 2022

While you may have heard of alpaca before, are you aware of the rich history of the relationship between the indigenous peoples of the Peruvian Andes and the lovable fluffy animals we’ve come to appreciate? There’s certainly lots of love regarding the story behind this amazing textile.  The indigenous peoples of Peru first domesticated the   READ MORE

How Do I Stop Being a Hot Sleeper? / May 18, 2022

Are you someone who sleeps hot at night? You’re not alone.   While some of us may be too embarrassed to admit it, sleeping hot (or experiencing what some call “night sweats”) is a very common issue, and purportedly affects anywhere from 10 to 41 percent1 of the entire population. For some, it can become   READ MORE

Mattress Toppers: Memory Foam vs. Latex / April 29, 2022

A recent study showed that almost 80% of people are “satisfied” to “very satisfied” with their current mattress.  As a bedding retailer, this is great news for us! As it indicates that companies like ours are doing their job and doing it well. However, what these studies often fail to illustrate is the unfortunate reality   READ MORE

Making the Best Turkish Towels Canada Has to Offer / April 26, 2022

Have you ever thought about the history of the items that you commonly use in your home? While it may not be obvious, each and every item we possess within our homes has a unique story that is worth exploring, and towels are no exception. Did you know that the modern towel’s history can be   READ MORE

Duvet vs Comforter: Finding Your Perfect Bedding / April 22, 2022

Looking for that perfect duvet insert or comforter to send you into cozy bliss every night? If you’ve already begun your duvet or comforter search, you may have already come across an overwhelming amount of choice available. From different materials to different fill ratings, there are a handful of considerations to make when purchasing a   READ MORE