Bearaby Weighted Blanket Review Canada

See How Bearaby Stacks Up Against Silk & Snow

We’ve provided an in-depth review of the Bearaby Weighted Blanket and taken the opportunity to compare it against Silk & Snow, one of the leading bedding brands in Canada. If you’d like to jump right to the review, click here.

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Silk & Snow vs. Bearaby
Price CAD $160-$320 Approx. CAD $195-$393
(USD $149-$299)
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Processing and inspection fee of $19.99 for returns
OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Certified
Weights 8 lbs
15 lbs
20 lbs
25 lbs
8 lbs
15 lbs
20 lbs
25 lbs
Sizes 38" x 60"
42" x 72"
48" x 72"
51" x 72"
40” x 60”
40” x 72”
45” x 72”
48” x 72”
Machine Washable
Warranty 1 year
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Bearaby Review

If you’d like to dive deeper into the details, we have provided an in-depth analysis of the Bearaby Weighted Blankets.
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Bearaby Overview

Bearaby was founded by Kathrin Hamm in 2018 in New York with the goal of helping people sleep naturally and increase happiness. Their mission is to create a natural sleep solution that is better for the environment and doesn’t leave the sleeper covered in sweat.

Bearaby believes that self-care should be joyful, good design should be functional, and deep revitalizing rest should be natural and drug-free.

A Breakdown of Bearaby Blankets

Bearaby offers four main lines of products as of Jan 2021: Velvet Napper, Tree Napper, Cotton Napper, and Nappling.

Velvet Napper

Tree Napper

Cotton Napper


Materials 100% recycled polyester
(100% upcycled, OEKO-Tex 100 and Fair Trade-certified)
95% Tencel, 5% spandex
(FFC, OEKO-Tex 100 and Fair Trade-certified)
95% cotton, 5% spandex
(GOTS, BCI, OEKO-Tex 100 and Fair Trade-certified)
95% organic cotton, 5% spandex
Weight Option
8 lb
15 lb
20 lb
25 lb

Bearaby for Hot Sleepers

For individuals who tend to sleep warm, Bearaby recommends the Tree Napper series, which is made from natural eucalyptus fibres. These fibers make up TENCEL™ Lyocell, which has a cool-to-the-touch feel and wicks away moisture.

Where Can I Buy a Bearaby Blanket?

Bearaby weighted blankets are available online through the Bearaby website.