MyPillow Canada Review

See How MyPillow Stacks Up Against Silk & Snow 

We’ve provided an in-depth review of the MyPillow and taken the opportunity to compare it against Canadian-owned and operated Silk & Snow, one of the leading bedding brands in Canada. If you’d like to jump right to the review, click here.

Suitable for All Sleepers
Our pillows have shredded memory foam so that each sleeper can adjust the pillow loft to their own preference, making it suitable for stomach, side, or back sleepers.
Certified Chemical-Free
We stand by our products and what goes into them. That’s why we only use OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified cotton in our pillow cover and brand new memory foam which is CertiPUR-US® certified, meaning no harmful chemicals are used. MyPillow does not disclose this.
100-Night Risk-Free Trial
We want you to test out your pillow, truly test it out, for 100 nights with free shipping & returns. MyPillow offers refunds less the cost of shipping.
Silk & Snow vs. MyPillow
Price CAD $80-$95 “CAD $69.98-$84.98”
(Charged in USD $59.96-$79.98)
OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 and CertiPUR-US® Certified Materials Undisclosed
Memory Foam Source Brand new, unrecycled foam Unknown
Customizable Fill-Level
Must select fill-level at time of purchase
Ready to use immediately
Machine dry on high heat for 15 min before use
Best Sleeping Position Back, side, stomach Back sleepers may find more comfort, see below
Risk-Free Trial
100 Nights
Free shipping & returns

60 days
$14.98+tax shipping to Canadian customers, returns at the cost of the customer
Bi-Partisan Brand
Silk & Snow vs MyPillow Loft
The MyPillow Premium Pillows come in four levels of loft, and the Classic Pillows come in two levels of firmness. While it’s unclear how loft compares to firmness, we’ve broken down the Premium and Classic pillows to help you compare the differences. Jump ahead to the A Breakdown of MyPillow section to learn more.
Thoughtfully designed with adjustable comfort
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MyPillow Review

If you’d like to dive deeper into the details, we have provided an in-depth analysis of the MyPillow pillows.
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MyPillow Overview

MyPillow was founded by Mike Lindell in his hometown of Chaska, Minnesota. In 2004, Mike set out to create the “pillow of his dreams” in an attempt to solve his life-long sleeping issues.

Following several setbacks, Mike found success after launching the first MyPillow infomercial in 2011. MyPillow continues to be a popular infomercial product to date.

A Breakdown of MyPillow

MyPillow offers two main lines of pillows: Classic MyPillow and Premium MyPillow.

Classic MyPillow
  • Made with the MyPillow patented interlocking fill*
  • Available in Standard/Queen and King sizes
  • 2 support levels** available based on gender/t-shirt size: medium, firm
Premium MyPillow
  • Made with the MyPillow patented interlocking fill*
  • Available in Standard/Queen and King sizes
  • 4 loft levels** available based on gender/t-shirt size: yellow, white, green, blue
*Stomach sleepers may find the large chunks of memory foam too lumpy against the face for comfort
**While it’s unclear how loft compares to firmness, it appears that customers have a choice of firmness or loft at both price points. Side sleepers may not find sufficient support with lighter fill pillows.

MyPillow Maintenance

Before the first use, MyPillow pillows must be machine dried on high heat for 15 minutes to restore the intended loftiness, as the pillows arrive tightly compressed. MyPillow also recommends placing the pillows into the dryer for 10-15 minutes to restore fluffiness if the pillows flatten during regular use.

MyPillow pillows can be fully machine washed and dried.

Where Can I Buy a MyPillow?

MyPillow pillows are available online through the MyPillow website. For Canadian customers, MyPillow ships from a Canadian facility so that no duties are incurred, however all orders are charged in USD.

MyPillow Promo Code Canada

Looking for a discount? MyPillow pillows are also available through Amazon or various big box retailers.