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Looking for that perfect duvet insert or comforter to send you into cozy bliss every night? If you’ve already begun your duvet or comforter search, you may have already come across an overwhelming amount of choice available. From different materials to different fill ratings, there are a handful of considerations to make when purchasing a new down duvet. Canada and the United States are both countries that can experience all four seasons of climate, so it’s especially important to have bedding that will keep you comfortable while you’re asleep! With one third of Americans getting an inadequate amount of sleep at night, having the perfect bedding for your needs is just another ingredient in the recipe for consistently satisfying sleep.

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In this handy guide, we’ll be taking you through some of the different options of duvets, comforters, and other bedding options out there. If it can keep you warm at night, we’ll be talking about it here. Some topics that we’ll be covering include:

Duvet vs. Comforter: What’s the Difference?

Firstly, let’s get the issue of terminology out of the way. When looking for new bedding options, you’ve probably come across multiple terms used to describe different choices. So what’s the difference between a duvet, a duvet insert, and a comforter? Let’s break it down, because they are very different!

Duvets are probably the most popular choice of bedding available for North American sleepers. A duvet describes a piece of bedding that requires a cover. Duvets are often filled with various materials, including synthetic materials, down, feathers, or even wool. They are sometimes referred to as duvet inserts, because they are inserted into a duvet cover. 

Comforters are a type of blanket, often quilted. Unlike duvets, comforters are a single-piece of bedding that do not require any type of cover. The quilting of the blanket allows it to have a more substantial feeling when compared to other blanket varieties. 

Both duvets and comforters each possess their pros and cons. While duvets require you to purchase an additional cover, this makes them easier to clean as you can just place the covers in the wash. Conversely, comforters are ready-to-use and do not require any additional covers, though they are less lofty and more difficult to clean. Consider these aspects when choosing between a down duvet vs. comforter.

The Different Types of Duvets

If you’ve landed on a duvet as your preferred bedding option of choice, it’s probably time to determine what kind of duvet you’re looking for. With various options of fill available, let’s explore the pros and cons of the different filling options for duvets. 

Down Duvets

The soft clusters that help keep birds like ducks and geese warm, down is a lightweight material that acts as an excellent insulator for bedding. Because it naturally grows in clusters, down retains a round shape. This allows warm air to stay trapped between the clusters, which keeps you warm when you’re under it. Down is a great natural choice for duvets, which is why we offer luxurious Hutterite duck down in our Canadian down duvet. 

Down Alternative Duvets

If you are someone who avoids animal products, synthetic fill options can be a great choice for your duvet. Providing optimal warmth and insulation, synthetic fills are another great choice for those who sleep particularly cold at night, since they are typically less breathable than down duvets. Our Down-Alternative Duvet features down-like microfibre fill for a warm and comfortable duvet.

Feather Duvets 

Unlike down, feather duvets are filled with the feathers of the bird, which contain firm quills. This option is less expensive, however since feathers do not grow in clusters, they are less insulating than down.

What’s Fill Power? 

Fill power is a rating system used to describe the insulating properties of a duvet. Fill power describes the amount of air an ounce of down can effectively trap, which influences how insulating the duvet is. 500-700 is the range of fill power that you’ll be able to find for most duvets on the market, with 700 being an exceptional fill power rating. Our Canadian down duvet boasts a fill power rating of 700, for optimal insulation and comfort. 

Other Bedding Options 

Just because duvets are the most popular doesn’t mean they’ll be the best choice for your specific bedding needs. Here are a few other options you should consider for your bed!

Comforters, Quilts, and Coverlets

For those living in warmer climates (or those who like to have more layers to their bedding), comforters and quilts make for excellent bedding choices. While duvets are often lofty, comforters and quilts are more lightweight, allowing you to add more layers to your bed and to land on that bed aesthetic that you’ve always wanted. 

When looking at comforters, it’s a good idea to consider the types of materials the comforter is composed of. At Silk & Snow, we offer muslin quilts that are made from high-quality cotton. Muslin adds a satisfyingly soft and textured look and feel to your bed, which makes it a great option for those looking to add a touch of refinement to their bedding. Additionally, we also offer our muslin coverlets, which are a great thin layer to add to your bedding array as well. Lighter than a quilt but more substantial than your average blanket, coverlets are a fantastic addition for in between months, where the weather isn’t chillingly cold or swelteringly hot. They’re also great for another layering item for your bed! 

Silk & Snow Bedding 

At Silk & Snow, we have made it our mission to provide thoughtfully made home essentials. From bath to bedding, we strictly use high-quality materials and partner with transparent and eco-conscious manufacturers to create all of our well-loved products. 

Our Canadian down duvets, down-alternative duvets, muslin quilts, and muslin coverlets all feature high-quality materials designed to make you sleep better, and live better. Shop our thoughtfully curated collection of bedding and unlock your fullest sleep potential!