Blissy Pillowcase Review

See How Blissy Stacks Up Against Silk & Snow

We’ve provided an in-depth review of the Blissy Silk Pillowcase and taken the opportunity to compare it against Silk & Snow, one of the leading bedding brands in Canada. If you’d like to jump right to the review, click here.

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100-Night Risk-Free Trial
We want you to test out your pillowcase, truly test it out, for 100 nights with free shipping & returns. Blissy only offers a 60-night trial. Plus, customers are responsible for all return shipment/freight charges.
Fair Pricing
At Silk & Snow, we follow a simple rule when setting prices, which is to charge what we need, not what we can. We price based on what it costs to make a product and build a fair profit. We do not spend significant amounts on marketing or paying affiliate commissions, and prefer to let our product speak for itself.
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Silk & Snow vs. Blissy
Silk Pillowcase
Silk Pillowcase
Blissy Silk Pillowcase
Blissy Silk Pillowcase
Price CAD $60 - $70 CAD $144.42 - $177.07
(charged in USD $115-$141)
Risk-Free Trial
100 Nights
Free Shipping

60 Nights
Customer must pay shipping
Free Returns
Type of Enclosure Envelope Zipper
Country of Origin China
Click here to learn more about Chinese silk
Material 100% Mulberry Silk 100% Mulberry Silk
Machine Washable

Warranty 1-year 1-year
The Best Silk Pillowcase in Canada
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Blissy Pillowcase Review

If you’d like to dive deeper into the details, we have provided an in-depth analysis of the Blissy pillowcase.
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Blissy Overview

Blissy, a silk pillowcase and sleep mask brand, was founded in California in 2017 by Vahe Haroutounian and Edgar Babayan who “just wanted to dream again.” Tired of waking up to bad hair, bad skin and allergies, their goal is to help women look and feel their best day and night. And with that, the Blissy pillowcase was born. Since then, Blissy has expanded to offer everything from loungewear to hair accessories.

A Breakdown of Blissy

Blissy offers only one kind of pillowcase: the Blissy Pillowcase.

  • Made with 100% mulberry silk
  • Available in Standard, Queen and King sizes
  • Handcrafted and hypoallergenic
  • Bug-resistant
  • Moisture-wicking
  • 26 colours
  • Momme rating: 22
  • Blissy Pillowcase Maintenance

    Blissy pillowcases are machine washable. Blissy recommends placing their pillowcase in a mesh wash/laundry bag and washing it in cold water on a delicate cycle. Then let it air dry.

    Where Can I Buy a Blissy Pillowcase?

    Blissy Pillowcases are available online through the Blissy website, as well as Nordstrom and Macy’s in the US.