Written By
Daryna Striletska

If you prefer sleeping on your side, you’re not alone. Side sleeping is the most common sleeping position in the world. It’s great for back pain and preventing sleep apnea, but you should still take precautions to improve spinal alignment. Read on to find the best mattress that helps support you in your favourite sleeping position!

What is the best mattress firmness for side sleepers? 

Side sleepers typically need a mattress that is medium firm. In a numerical value, this translates to a mattress that is 5.5-7 out of 10 in firmness. A semi-firm mattress helps keep your shoulders and hips in line but is soft enough to help ease potential shoulder pain. However, if you’re a heavier sleeper, you’ll want something slightly firmer. Furthermore, firmness does not equal support. A mattress should have key features that give your body proper support for side sleeping such as a sturdy foundational base and pressure-point relief, which are found in all Silk & Snow mattresses. 


What is the best mattress for side sleepers with shoulder pain?

Compared to back and stomach sleepers, side sleepers have to deal with their shoulders digging into the mattress which can cause discomfort and pain. To prevent this, you’ll want something that contours. Most side sleepers benefit from a bit of memory foam, whether it is a full foam mattress, or a hybrid mattress (a combination of memory foam and coils). Memory foam is key for side sleepers to sleep comfortably!

What is the best mattress for side sleepers who move around?

Many side sleepers turn during the night, making motion isolation an important consideration when mattress shopping. Motion isolation helps ease the feeling of movement when you turn. Additionally, if you share your bed with someone else, your partner will thank motion isolation, as they will no longer feel you tossing and turning in the middle of the night. 

What is the best mattress for side sleepers in Canada?

The best mattress in Canada should be, well… made in Canada. Purchasing from brands that manufacture 100% Canadian mattresses can make a big difference in terms of quality, transparency, and environmental impact. In Canada, certain safety regulations are stricter than in other countries, making local mattresses superior in quality and often better for the environment. Canadian brands that are transparent about their manufacturing processes and support local partners can impact your sleep quality in more ways than one. Buy consciously so you can sleep better. 

What pillow is best for side sleepers?

Pillows are a crucial part of your neck support. Using the right pillow actually plays an important role in keeping your spine aligned and giving you optimal comfort. Different sleeping positions actually benefit from different kinds of pillows. For side sleepers, a thicker pillow is needed to keep your shoulders aligned. For even better alignment and back support, put a pillow between your knees while you sleep. 

Why Silk and Snow? 

We’ve engineered our S&S mattress  to be perfect for side sleepers. Our high-density memory foam hugs your shoulders and hips, so you can sleep more comfortably. No more waking up in the middle of the night because of our motion isolation technology that limits the amount of movement you feel at night. Go check out the S&S mattress to see how it can work best for you!