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Struggling to find the best bed in a box in Canada? You’ve probably come across a lot of top 10 lists that give you the best mattress in every category, but being the #1 mattress doesn’t mean it’s the #1 mattress for you. The choice can be overwhelming, especially if you’ve never bought a mattress online before. Well, we’ve got you covered! We’ve put together an extensive buyer’s guide to help you make a more informed decision and find the best mattress in a box for you!

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Canadian Mattress in a Box Types

The most common types of mattresses in a box are memory foam, hybrid, and latex. The best type comes down to your own personal needs. To help you determine which kind of bed in a box is right for you, look at what kind of mattress you’re currently using and what you like and don’t like about it. Once you have a pros and cons list, try comparing the three to see which one fits you best.

What is memory foam?

Memory foam was invented by NASA in 1966 to improve the safety of astronauts. It consists of polyurethane, a high-density polymer. Now used in mattresses, memory foam is widely known for its body contouring. The mattress hugs you softly, giving better back support and comfort. Most memory foams are considered medium to soft and have a slow spring back. This means that the mattress conforms to your shape and briefly leaves an indent when you get up. This contouring offers great spinal support which can help alleviate back pain. Another amazing perk of memory foam is that it has zero motion transfer. If your partner tosses and turns at night, you won’t feel it. You’ll also find it easier to turn over while you’re sleeping, as you avoid the noise from springs. They’re especially great for allergies, since memory foam is hypoallergenic and naturally resistant to dust mites and pet hairs. If you struggle with back pain and want better support, memory foam may be your best option.

In the past, some people have complained that memory foam sleeps hot. Nowadays, there’s actually different types of memory foam that can give you a cooler feeling while you sleep. Another common complaint comes from the unpleasant odour caused by “off-gassing” when you first open the package. Off-gassing occurs due to the breakdown of volatile organic compounds (VOC). If you want a memory foam with limited off-gassing, look for a Canadian brand that uses Certipur-US certified foam which is tested for VOC emissions.


  • Great for pain relief 
  • Body contouring 
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Zero motion transfer 
  • Noiseless


  • Limited bounce
  • Less cooling
  • Occasional odour
  • Might sink too much

What is a hybrid mattress?

Hybrid mattresses are a combination of coils with a top layer made of a memory foam and/or latex material. They’re the best of both worlds; combining the bounce and support from coils with the pressure relief of foam. Hybrid mattresses are generally the most diverse in terms of materials and firmness, but usually fall in the medium to firm range. They have a more traditional feel, due to a more rigid coil base. Coils are known for their breathability due to the air and space surrounding each coil, giving you a cooler sleep. Hybrid mattresses are also recommended for heavier people, since coils provide better support than foam bases for people in higher weight ranges. You might prefer a hybrid mattress if you’re someone who has a specific taste or just wants a little bit of everything, because of its diversity. 

Hybrid mattresses are usually designed to limit motion transfer, but tend to have slightly more movement than memory foam mattresses due to the additional bounce provided by the coil base. Companies that use pocket coils, a newer innovation, can combat this extra bounce because each coil is separated by fabric, making the movement of one coil isolated. Higher foam or latex thickness can also improve motion transfer. Another drawback of hybrid mattresses is that they can sometimes be heavier to carry.


  • Combines features
  • More bounce
  • Breathable and cooling


  • More motion transfer than memory foam
  • Can be heavier

What is a latex/organic mattress?

A rise in conscious manufacturing has led to a rise in popularity of organic mattresses. Organic mattresses, also known as latex, natural, or green mattresses, are made from the sap of rubber trees, a plant native to South America. The trees were introduced to Southeast Asia and Western Africa, and both subregions have since become global producers of this material. Latex, a completely natural textile, is more durable compared to other materials and remains supportive for much longer. Typically, latex mattresses fall somewhere between coil and memory foam mattresses in feel due to their bounce and softness. Because of this, they’re generally in the medium to firm range. Like memory foam, organic mattresses are hypoallergenic (minus latex allergies) and don’t make any noise. They also have moderate contouring. A benefit of latex is that it’s considered the most  breathable of mattress materials, meaning they sleep cool. So if you want the contouring of memory foam without the heat or softness, then this might be the right type of mattress for you.

There are two types of latex: talalay and dunlop. Talalay latex goes through a longer manufacturing process than dunlop which makes it airier and more consistent. Comparatively, dunlop is denser and more durable. However, the extra processing makes talalay more expensive, and it uses more energy and creates excess waste for the environment. 

On the downside, latex mattresses have slightly more motion transfer than memory foam and are much heavier, making them difficult to move. Not to mention they’re more expensive. But a mattress is an investment, and if you think this is the best option, you might want to look into natural latex mattresses that still fit within your budget. 


  • Durable
  • Moderate contouring
  • No noise
  • Very cooling
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Better bounce


  • Less contouring than memory foam
  • More motion transfer than memory foam
  • More expensive
  • Heavier
  • Latex allergies could be a concern

Mattress in a Box Reviews

Who doesn’t look at reviews before making a purchase? Well, it turns out it’s not that simple. While reviews can help you learn more about a product and its benefits, a lot of review sites are driven by commissioned affiliate marketers. Companies pay reviewers to rank their mattresses in the top spot. The best way to tell if the review is legitimate is to look for a disclaimer that the reviewer gets a commission if you click on the affiliate link. Beware, some of these sites are even run by Canadian mattress retailers. Take these reviews with a grain of salt and instead pay attention to the features and benefits the article is highlighting. It’s not about being the “best” in every category, it’s about being the best for you. Our criteria for best memory foam, hybrid, and natural mattresses in a box in Canada can help you find a mattress that actually works for you, without all the affiliate links.

Best Memory Foam Mattress in a Box in Canada

Is it made in Canada?

‘Canadian brand’ doesn’t mean that the company’s materials and manufacturing are sourced nationally. Ensure the company you’re buying from is transparent about their entire mattress manufacturing process. Transparent brands, like Silk & Snow, tell you where their materials are sourced and the level of environmental responsibility taken by their manufacturers.

Why is transparency important? Different countries have different regulations. For example, the acceptable level of VOCs in mattresses differ per country. Off-gassing usually isn’t a problem for Canadian-made mattresses such as Silk & Snow, because memory foam made in Canada is regulated for low VOC emissions. Be conscious of the mattress company you’re considering, because their manufacturing process can seriously affect the quality of your sleep.

What is the density of the foam?

Foam density affects the durability and comfort of your bed. Foams with lower densities are less durable and offer less support, making the mattress physically sink. Comparatively, ultra high density foams are less breathable. The best memory foam density is somewhere in the middle, between 3 to 5 lb per ft3, for great support, durability, and breathability.

open-cell memory foam vs. closed-cell memory foam

What are the foam’s cooling properties?

Did you know that there are multiple types of memory foam? There’s traditional, or “closed cell foam”, and the newer “open cell” memory foam. Traditional foam is the reason why memory foam is associated with not being breathable. Originally, foam used to be denser, keeping heat trapped in. The newer open cell material is airier, making it a lot more breathable. There’s also gel foam combos that give an even better cooling feeling. So if you’re someone who’s sensitive to heat, you’ll benefit a lot more from open cell and gel memory foam mattresses. At Silk & Snow, we use 4 lb gel memory foam, the perfect balance for a supportive yet cool mattress.

Best Hybrid Mattress in a Box in Canada

Regular traditional coils vs pocket coils for hybrid mattres

How thick is the foam or latex layer?

“Hybrid” has become a buzzword among mattress companies, but the truth is that all coil mattresses have some sort of foam top (whether it is polyurethane foam, memory foam, or latex). The thickness of the foam layers is what makes a mattress a true hybrid. So always look at the makeup of the mattress to see if it’s a true hybrid, or else you could be paying extra for something that’s not as high quality. Additionally, the top foam layer should be of a similar quality to full foam mattresses.

What is the coil count?

A hybrid bed is only as good as its materials. The higher the coil count, the better the support and longevity relative to the mattress size. A larger amount of coils creates a sturdier foundation, for a stronger mattress. Other factors can also affect quality, such as the type of coil. For example, pocket coils are more supportive and less noisy. At Silk & Snow, we use a high coil count with higher quality coils, for a superior sleep.

Where are the foam and coils made?

Transparency is key. Customers deserve to know where and how their products are made. There are many components in a hybrid mattress including foam (or latex), fabric, coils, and the actual assembly of the bed. All of these components can be produced by different manufacturers. For example, companies may source from many countries with different regulations and quality standards. This is especially true for coils, since they’re rarely made in Canada and often sourced overseas. Comparatively, at Silk & Snow, our hybrid mattress is fully sourced locally, in Toronto, Ontario. If a company isn’t being transparent about their manufacturing process, hold them accountable, because you deserve to know exactly what you’re sleeping on.

Best Natural Mattress in a Box in Canada

What materials are being used?

Some natural mattresses are not organic, so make sure to look at what materials are used in each layer. Some mattresses also use synthetic latex or latex blends, which do not have the same quality and benefits as 100% natural latex. This is especially true for talalay mattresses since it’s impossible to produce them fully naturally. Some common non-natural materials include polyurethane foam, polyester, and toxic fire retardants. Instead, 100% organic mattresses should use other natural materials such as wool and cotton. These materials help improve the mattress’ quality, naturally. 

Where are the coils and textiles manufactured?

Part of the reason why companies get away with using synthetic materials in natural mattresses is because they’re not transparent about their manufacturing process. Latex mattresses cannot be fully Canadian since latex is sourced from countries with warmer climates. Furthermore, because most latex is sourced overseas, many manufacturers use coils and mattress covers that are manufactured in similar geographical areas. Even though the latex is sourced internationally, components like cotton, wool, and coils can still be manufactured in Canada. If you prefer a Canadian-made mattress, find a brand where all materials and assembly, outside of the latex, is sourced nationally. The most important step to finding a natural mattress is looking into the manufacturing and materials used to determine the quality and level of environmental-consciousness of the company.

Best Bed in a Box Canada

Girl sleeping on Silk & Snow memory foam mattress

Silk & Snow gives you options, so you can find the best bed in a box for you. All of our mattresses use high quality Canadian-sourced materials and the most advanced manufacturing techniques, so you can get a good night’s rest. We value transparency and conscious manufacturing, ensuring you know exactly where everything is sourced and why we chose our amazing partners. So which Silk & Snow mattress is best for you? Compare to find out!

  • S&S Mattress: handcrafted to offer a luxury sleep experience with our 4lb high-density memory foam, providing superior pressure point and pain relief.
  • S&S Hybrid: pressure-relieving high density memory foam with supportive pocketed coils made from Canadian steel for a winning combination in sleep.
  • S&S Organic: 100% GOLS certified organic latex combined with innovative pocketed spring coils for a supportive sleep, completely crafted by nature.