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Daryna Striletska

Back sleeping is one of the best sleeping positions for your health. Lying on your back is considered a neutral position for your body. This means that if you’re sleeping in the correct position and using a good pillow, then your spine and neck will stay aligned, helping you  prevent back pain. Back sleeping also helps you avoid wrinkles and relieves pressure so you can sleep more comfortably. Just make sure you’re using the best mattress so it properly supports you in your favourite sleeping position! 

Silk & Snow Mattresses
Providing back support and pressure relief
  • S&S Mattress: 
    • Premium 4 lb memory foam for unmatched support and pressure-point relief
    • Firmness rating: 6.0
  • Hybrid & Organic Mattresses:
    • Pocketed coil zoned support for optimal spinal alignment
    • Firmness rating: 6.8-7.0
  • Price: $600 - $1600
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What is the best mattress firmness for back sleepers?

Since back sleeping is better for your spine, people who sleep in this position can get away with most firmness options. We recommend aiming for a slightly firmer mattress or one that’s 6.0-7.0 out of 10 in firmness. If you’re struggling to find the right firmness, start by comparing the Silk & Snow memory foamhybrid, and organic mattresses to find which one works best for you.


What is the best mattress for back sleepers with lower back pain?

Although back sleeping is great for your spine, a lot of people report lower back pain. This is because you lay flat when you’re sleeping on your back, eliminating the natural curve of your spine. To prevent this, you’ll want a mattress that offers proper alignment through contouring. The best material for this is memory foam, which molds to your shape for better back support and pressure relief. 

Another great feature to help with pain is zoned support. For example, our S&S Hybrid mattress contains softer coils on the outer thirds and firmer coils in the middle to provide more balance, which improves spinal alignment. Zoned support is especially great for people with heavier midsections, as the mattress offers a more structured support. Click here to learn more about the best mattress for a heavy person.

What is the best mattress for back sleepers in Canada?

The best mattress in Canada should be, well… made in Canada. Purchasing from brands that manufacture 100% Canadian mattresses can make a big difference in terms of quality, transparency, and environmental impact. In Canada, certain safety regulations are stricter than in other countries, making local mattresses superior in quality and often better for the environment. Canadian brands that are transparent about their manufacturing processes and support local partners can impact your sleep quality in more ways than one. Buy consciously so you can sleep better. 

What pillow is best for back sleepers?

Pillows are a crucial part of neck support. Using the right pillow actually plays an important role in keeping your spine aligned and giving you optimal comfort. Different sleeping positions benefit from different kinds of pillows. For back sleepers, a medium-loft pillow is enough to keep your head and neck aligned. For even better alignment and back support, put a pillow between under your knees while you sleep. 

Why Silk and Snow? 

We’ve engineered our S&S mattress, S&S Hybrid mattress, and S&S Organic mattress to be perfect for back sleepers. With back support features such as contouring from memory foam and balanced support from zoned support, you’ll be able to sleep easy in your favourite position. Go compare our mattresses to find which one works best for you!