Written By
Chloe Beaudoin

You might get lost trying to find the best mattress in Canada because there are so many options, but we might have an answer for you. Recently, Silk & Snow’s Hybrid mattress was voted Sleep Foundation’s AND Tuck’s best mattress in their Best Mattress in Canada 2020 rankings. Let’s walk you through their criteria and why our S&S Hybrid mattress is considered the best value mattress in Canada.

The S&S Hybrid Mattress is best for:

Canadians that value a locally-made mattress –  The S&S Hybrid mattress is fully sourced and assembled in Toronto, in support of local Canadian manufacturers

Hot sleepers –  A high-quality gel-infused memory foam top will help you feel cool and comfortable while you sleep

Individuals sharing a bed – The individually wrapped pocketed coils combined with the high-density memory foam limits motion transfer 

Individuals seeking zoned support – The S&S Hybrid mattress is firmer in the middle, near your hips, and softer near your shoulders, providing a more balanced support

Back sleepers – Good zoned support is important for proper spine and hip alignment, making the S&S Hybrid mattress great for back sleepers

Shoppers looking for good value – The S&S Hybrid mattress is engineered to bring you great and long lasting value, proven by our 15 year warranty

Sleep Foundation Best Mattress in Canada 2020 - Silk & Snow

Best Canadian-made Mattress

At Silk & Snow, we pride ourselves on our amazing Canadian partnerships that work together to bring you the best sleep at a great value. The S&S Hybrid mattress was carefully designed with Toronto manufacturers in mind, so we could support local and highly-skilled Canadian craftspeople, while maintaining great quality control. If you’re looking for a proud Canadian-made mattress then the S&S Hybrid is the right mattress for you.

The Certi-PUR US certified S&S Hybrid mattress is made for Canadians who want a luxurious sleep at an affordable price. Sleep comfortably on our pressure relieving high-density memory foam with over a thousand supportive pocket coils and amazing edge support. Furthermore, our innovative silver-infused mattress cover prevents unwanted bacteria and dust mites.

We created a Canadian bed in a box with amazing value and incredible versatility, that can easily be transported anywhere. Take advantage of our free shipping all over Canada. Better yet, we offer a 100 day trial so you can see firsthand why we’re considered the best mattress in Canada. Try our S&S Hybrid mattress today and let us know what you think!