Hamuq Mattress Review (2021)

See how the Hamuq Mattress stacks up against Silk & Snow We've provided an in-depth review of the Hamuq Mattress and taken the opportunity to compare it against Silk & Snow, one of the leading Canadian Mattress Brands. If you’d like to jump right to the review, click the link here.  
What Makes Silk & Snow Different
True High-Density Foam
We use an industry leading 4 lb memory foam, which is one of the highest quality foams available in Canada and provides superior pressure point relief and unmatched durability. Over time, a less dense memory foam mattress will soften faster, which shortens it's useful life. Hamuq uses 2lb and 3lb foam in their mattress.
Total Transparency
We stand by our products and what goes in to them. That’s why we offer total transparency and disclose everything about our materials and manufacturers. Hamuq does not do this.
Zoned Support
Our Hybrid Mattress uses a zoned support system in our coil base, which helps to promote spinal alignment and provide a more comfortable sleep experience. Hamuq does not use a zoned support system in their mattress.
Silk & Snow vs Hamuq Mattress
Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress
Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress
Hamuq Mattress
Hamuq Mattress
Price (Queen Size) $850 $850
Zoned Coil Support System
High Density 4lb. Memory Foam
2" of 4lb Foam

2" of 2lb Foam
Country of Origin Canada Canada
Warranty 15 Years 15 Years
Weight (Queen Size) 92 lbs. 85 lbs.
Silk & Snow vs. Hamuq Mattress Firmness
Our Silk & Snow Hybrid Mattress is slightly more firm than the Hamuq Mattress. If you’d like to compare this in more detail, you can jump ahead to the "Hamuq Construction and Materials" and learn more.
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Hamuq Mattress Review

If you'd like to dive deeper into the details, we have provided an in-depth analysis of the Hamuq Mattress.
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Hamuq Mattress Canada Overview

Founded in 2016 in Peterborough ON, Hamuq Mattress was started by two childhood friends; Nathan Neilson and Jordan Bedwell.

Nielson and Bedwell founded Hamuq to provide Canadian consumers with hybrid bed-in-a-boxes, and later moved their company to Toronto, ON to compete with other Toronto mattress brands.

Hamuq Construction and Materials

Just like our Hybrid Mattress at Silk & Snow, the Hamuq Mattress is manufactured and constructed in the Greater Toronto Area, in Canada. The mattress is comprised of 3 different layers of foam, followed by a base of pocket coils.

The first layer is a pillow top layer, which is comprised of 1" of 2lb foam, followed by a 2nd layer of 2" of 2lb foam. The third layer is a transition layer comprised of 1/2" of 3lb memory foam, followed by the base of 1000 pocket coils. These foam layers provide a reasonable level of comfort for the sleeper, while the pocket coil base provides support.

What is the Hamuq Firmness and Feel

In our testing, we rated the Hamuq Mattress at a 7.5/10 (on a scale from very soft to very firm).

Due to the Hamuq Mattresses 3 layers of polyurethane foam of varying densities, we found that the comfort layers did provide a somewhat plush feel, but overall the mattress has a medium-firm feel that errs on the side of firm. As such, we recommend this mattress for sleepers that enjoy a firmer feel, as the system of coils in the Hamuq mattress do provide optimal support and firmness.

This firm feel will likely cater more towards back sleepers and stomach sleepers, as side sleepers may feel some discomfort due to the extremely supportive feel.

Where Can I Buy the Hamuq Mattress?

Hamuq currently does not have any showroom for customers to try their mattresses, meaning that many customers will have to buy the mattress "blind", without having the opportunity to test the mattress. All of Hamuq's mattresses can only be purchased on their website.

Does Hamuq Mattress Smell?

Some customers have reported a slight odour emanating from the Hamuq Mattress after it has been freshly unrolled. To allow for this odour to dissipate, we recommend letting the mattress breathe for 24-48 hours.

The History of Hamuq Mattress

As previously stated, the Hamuq Mattress was launced in 2016 by two Peterborough natives, Nathan Neilson and Jordan Bedwell. They sought to introduce a hybrid mattress in to the Canadian mattress market. By 2018, Nathan and Jordan moved the headquarters of the company to Toronto, ON, to compete with other popular Toronto mattress brands (like us!).

Hamuq Discount, Promo, Coupon Codes

Hamuq offers occasional sales, specials, and promotions throughout the year. Keep your eye out for discounts!

Hamuq Mattress Price

Size Price
Twin $799 CAD
Twin XL $699 CAD
Full $749 CAD
Queen $849 CAD
King $999 CAD
Cal King Not offered
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