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What Sets Silk & Snow Apart

Over 1000 Coils

The Silk & Snow Hybrid mattress contains up to 1200 individually wrapped pocketed coils, which is higher than many other Canadian mattresses on the market. A higher density coil count should provide improved support and mattress strength.

Zone Support

The Silk & Snow Hybrid mattress uses firmer coils through the middle third of the mattress and softer coils towards the head and the foot of the bed. This provides the necessary support under your hips and softness under your shoulders for better spinal alignment. The Hamuq mattress does not use a zoned coil support system.

Pressure Relief & Support

The Silk & Snow Hybrid has a 2” layer of premium 3 lb memory foam, that provides pressure point relief and durability. The Hamuq has a much thinner memory foam layer that is 0.5” thick.
Hamuq vs Silk & Snow Hybrid

S&S Hybrid
Hamuq Mattress
Zoned Coil Support
Memory Foam Layer 2" of 3 lb cooling gel 0.5" of 3 lb cooling gel
Weight (Queen Size) 92 lbs 89 lbs
Warranty 15 years 15 years
Trial Period 100 days 101 days
Manufactured Canada Canada
CertiPUR-US Certified
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Fall in love with our luxurious pocketed coil hybrid mattress
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S&S Mattress
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S&S Hybrid
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Zoned Coil Support
A lot goes into making the best mattress. There are considerations in the sleeping preferences of different people, different body weights, and varying sleep positions. In an effort to design a universally comfortable mattress for all body types and sleep positions, our S&S Hybrid mattress is constructed with multi-zone support. It consists of distinct zones within your mattress in order to provide firm support exactly where it's necessary, such as the midsection (for the back or hip area) and soft contouring where you need it most (such as under shoulders). With zoned support, you should get a mattress that is perfect for every area of your body from your head to your lower body.
What Makes a Mattress a Hybrid?
The term “hybrid mattress” has been used a lot by mattress retailers to describe a mattress construction that takes the best of two traditionally different mattress designs (such as an all foam mattress or traditional coil mattress). The most popular type of hybrid in Canada is a memory foam pocket coil hybrid, which takes that responsiveness, breathability, and bounce of a coil mattress and marries it with the pressure point relief and support that is provided by a memory foam comfort layer.

Due to the premium features of a hybrid mattress, the term “hybrid mattress” has been used very broadly by various retailers. Some manufacturers have even substituted the premium materials, such as memory foam, traditionally used in the upper comfort foam layers, with lower-priced materials such as low density polyfoam. In some cases, we have seen mattresses with less than half an inch of memory foam being described as a “hybrid mattress”. At Silk & Snow, we believe that a true hybrid mattress should be constructed with at least two inches of memory foam to provide optimal comfort, support, pressure-point relief, and durability. The S&S Hybrid mattress is designed with 2 inches of a premium cooling gel memory foam layer. The combination of a premium layer of memory combined with motion isolating pocketed coils also means that the mattress is designed to have very little motion transfer, allowing you to sleep soundly, regardless of how your partner moves.
Why does Weight Matter?
A mattress layer made with a high-density foam will be heavier and feel more substantial compared to a mattress which uses a lower density foam. The quality of the foam that is used in the hybrid mattress is important because this is usually the comfort layer that provides the pressure point relief, support, and motion isolation.

The type of coils can also dictate the weight of a mattress. The coil gauge is a measurement of the thickness of the wire used to make a mattress coil. If all things remained equal, lower coil gauges (thicker wires) typically lower coil gauge have a longer durability than higher coil gauges (thinner wires) since the thicker wires will not wear out as fast.

Coil gauge and foam density are only just a part of the picture of how durable a mattress will be, but it is an indicator. Given that it’s not always easy for a customer to determine what goes into their mattress, one of the indicators may be the overall mattress weight. This information is usually easy to come by when shopping for a mattress online.
Edge Support
Many Hybrid mattresses have a foam encased edge support system where it provides additional support on the perimeter of the mattress. A firm outer perimeter keeps your mattress from sagging when you sit on the edge and reinforces the structure. This may be an important feature if you like sitting at the edge of your bed.
Delivery and Sleep Trial
With the improvement of compression technology, we are now able to compress many types of mattresses to fit into a box. This includes our pocket coil S&S Hybrid mattress, which arrives to your door conveniently compressed and rolled into a size that is manageable. Our coil hybrid mattresses are compact enough that it can be delivered with regular courier services.

Both Silk and Snow and Hamuq offer free shipping to the majority of Canadians and Americans.

Similar to most bed in a box companies, both Hamuq and Silk and Snow offer a risk-free sleep trial. The sleep trial allows customers to try out the mattress in the comfort of their own home and really lets them get a good feel of the mattress. Silk and Snow offers a 100 days sleep trial which starts on the day that you receive the mattress and Hamuq’s sleep trial is 101 days.
Hybrid Mattress
Our Hybrid Mattress is the best of both worlds with 1000+ pocketed coils that offer a cool, bouncy, and responsive sleep surface while the memory foam layer provides the contouring and pressure-point relief that memory foam is known for.
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S&S Mattress
Our luxuriously comfortable memory foam mattress is easy to fall in love with, with a premium 4 lb memory foam layer for unmatched support, pressure-point relief, and durability.
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