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This post is the first part of a series on the four most common mattress sizes on the market — twin, double, queen and king. You can also read our entire Bed Sizes Canada: Mattress Dimensions and Size Guide.

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Today, we’ll be putting the spotlight on the smallest mattress size – the twin mattress! So, if you are living in a small space or with a little one, a twin bed might be your best bet. Also known as a single bed, it’s ideal for kids or single sleepers living in micro condos or studio apartments.

You can use a tried-and-true formula called The Golden Ratio, which means three to one, to figure out exactly how large your bedroom needs to be. Yes, designers have a few tricks up their sleeve. Case in point: a twin size bed runs about 3.17 feet x 6.25 feet in width and length, which takes up about 20 square feet. This means your room should ideally be at least 60 square feet, or just to be safe, 63 square feet (7’ x 9’).

Additionally, a twin bed—what we like to think of as a toddler mattress—is perfect for a bunk bed or a daybed. It’s also helpful to remember that a king mattress is the size of two twin mattresses combined.

What is the size of a Twin Mattress?

Dimensions: 38 x 75 in OR 96.52 X 190.5 cm

Twin Mattress size in inches: 38 inches x 75 inches

Twin Mattress size in cm: 96.52 cm X 190.5 cm

Twin Mattress size in feet: 3.17 feet x 6.25 feet

Comfortably fits: 1 person

Great for children, bunk beds, or single sleepers in small spaces (i.e. studio apartments).

Not so great for taller individuals, couples, anyone who likes to spread out when they sleep.

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We hope we’ve answered your burning questions about twin size mattress measurements. If you are a young professional who has just moved out on your own or a parent with adult children who have finally left home, be sure to check out the second part of our series, which will look at the double mattress.

Apart from bedroom size, we also recommend you consider other factors—personal sleeping preferences, body size and budget—before making a decision. Keep in mind that with Silk & Snow mattresses, you don’t need to sacrifice support for size. Our mattresses are made with the same composition of materials within each model. This means you’ll get the same thickness, firmness, and support, regardless of size.

We’re committed to helping you sleep at your best, every single night.

Sweet dreams.