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Brendan Luck

Why You Should Replace Your RV Mattress

Are you the proud owner of a new (or previously owned) recreational vehicle?

If you’ve had the opportunity to take your new RV out for a long journey to see the sights and sounds of mother nature, you may have found it hard to get a good night’s rest with the RV mattress that comes included with the vehicle. To make matters more frustrating, many brick and mortar mattress retailers do not stock sizes that are compatible with recreational vehicles. 

For many RV companies, additional accessories such as the included mattress are an afterthought, and are often made with inferior materials to keep costs low. As such, many travellers may find it difficult to enjoy a proper night’s rest while going on long journeys in their RVs. Replacing your included RV mattress with a custom RV mattress from a reputable mattress manufacturer is an easy fix to the issue of restless nights. 

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What Size is an RV Short Queen Mattress? 

RV Short Queen is among the most common sizes found in most recreational vehicles. Short Queen mattresses are very true to their name, as they are the same width as a traditional queen mattress, but shorter! 

Short Queen mattresses typically run at 60”x 75” in width and length, compared to traditional queen mattresses, which typically run at 60”x 80”. Short queen mattresses help to save space, which is important with the limited space available in most recreational vehicles. 

Where to Find an RV Short Queen Mattress? 

At Silk & Snow, we offer our celebrated designs in RV friendly sizing, including Short Queen, meaning you can enjoy award-winning comfort when you’re on the road in your RV. 

Our Silk & Snow RV Mattresses feature 4lb high-density memory foam, a removable, washable, and anti-microbial cover, and a 15 year warranty. 

Vacations are meant for relaxation. With our Silk & Snow RV Mattress, you’ll be able to fully enjoy the therapeutic relief of a nice road trip in your RV, without ever having to worry about a poor sleep again.