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When our founders began Silk & Snow back in 2017, they knew that a superior sleep started with mattresses and bedding made from quality, durable materials. That’s why we choose to offer our sheets in 100% Egyptian Cotton. But what exactly makes Egyptian Cotton the finest cotton in the world? Let’s look at why this incredible crop is renowned for being the epitome of luxury. Prepare to become a cotton connoisseur.  

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Is Egyptian Cotton Worth It?

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Harvested since ancient times, cotton has always been prized for its softness and breathability. While these qualities are ideal for certain types of clothing, they are especially valuable for cotton bed sheets, as they allow you to remain cool and comfortable throughout the night. If this wasn’t reason enough to use cotton for bed sheets, cotton is also a very low-maintenance material; it contains odor resistant properties and is machine washable. Lastly, cotton is a durable material that retains its shape well, meaning you’re investing in a bed sheet that is built to last. 

Types of Cotton

To better understand what makes Egyptian Cotton the finest material available, let’s compare it to other varieties of cotton found throughout the world. 

  • Upland (Gossypium Hirsutum): Originating in Mexico, this variety of cotton comprises 90% of the world’s cotton output. While it’s the most common variety of cotton, Upland cotton’s fibres have the shortest staple length (2.1 – 3.2 cm), which makes the cotton weaker when compared to Pima and Egyptian cotton. Upland Cotton is also collected using a saw gin, a machine which uses circular saws to pull the fibres from the seeds. While efficient, this is a harsh process which often tears the fibres of the cotton. 
  • Pima (Gossypium Barbadense): Grown in the United States, Australia, and various South American nations, Pima cotton is a longer staple length variety (3.5 – 4.1 cm), making it stronger than Upland Cotton. However, Pima Cotton is harvested through a roller gin, which is a machine that uses a blade and leather rollers to separate the fibres from the seeds. The result is a gentler process that produces a soft and strong cotton, although not as soft as Egyptian cotton.
  • Egyptian (Gossypium Barbadense): Grown exclusively in Egypt, Egyptian cotton is the rarest and most luxurious variety of cotton on Earth. Being the longest variety of cotton (3.8 – 4.4cm), Egyptian cotton is renowned for its durability and soft feel. Though produced from the same plant species as Pima cotton, Egyptian cotton is stronger and softer, due to the hot, dry climate of the Nile River Valley. Unlike the other varieties of cotton, Egyptian cotton is still harvested by hand, allowing the cotton to remain free of tears, which helps it to maintain its fine structure and feel.

Silk & Snow’s Commitment to Genuine Egyptian Cotton

At Silk & Snow, we’ve always placed quality as one of our top priorities in our quest to deliver a comfortable night’s sleep. To ensure this, we’ve carefully selected Portuguese manufacturers that display the same level of commitment to quality that we do. 

All our manufacturing partners are OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified, meaning our sheets are produced in facilities that are both environmentally and socially responsible. Additionally, our manufacturing partners work in close collaboration with the Better Cotton Initiative, a global not-for-profit organization that devotes themselves to the adoption of sustainable cotton farming practices and the social wellbeing of cotton farmers worldwide. All of our Egyptian Cotton products are also accredited by the Egyptian Cotton Association, so you can rest easy knowing your Egyptian Cotton sheets are made using only genuine Egyptian cotton.

100% Egyptian Cotton vs. Egyptian Cotton Blends

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Egyptian cotton is world renowned for being luxuriously soft and comfortable, but also prized for its durability. This recognition has lead many companies to attempt to produce inferior bedding products using a blend of Egyptian Cotton and other materials, whilst marketing their products as “Egyptian Cotton”. 

To truly enjoy the benefits inherent in Egyptian cotton bedding, you should ensure that your bedding is made entirely of 100% Egyptian Cotton. Egyptian Cotton blends are often blended with other varieties of cotton, which often renders them less durable, and less comfortable. The long staple length and hand-harvested processing of Egyptian cotton is unique, meaning that any bedding blended with other cotton will not feel the same as 100% Egyptian Cotton. 

Silk & Snow Egyptian Cotton Bedding and Towels

At Silk & Snow, we remain devoted to providing you with high-quality products, which is why all of our cotton bedsheets are made with 100% Certified Egyptian cotton. In addition, all of our terry towels and Turkish towels, use 100% certified Egyptian cotton, making them feel better for you, and for the planet.